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Attana launches new biosensor surface

Crude sample analysis made easy

Crude samples, such as supernatants or hybridomas, are often time consuming and expensive to analyse. This is one of the reasons Attana has developed a new low non-specific binding carboxyl surface, the LNB carboxyl.

This surface can be used directly with crude samples, and together with the fact that Attana’s QCM technology does not require labeling of the analytes, the new surface saves both time and money and greatly simplifies the analysis. Application notes with samples containing hybridoma supernatant and lysates are available on Attana’s webpage, and show results from experiments on the Attana A200 dual channel instrument where one of the channels has been used as a reference channel.

For more information contact:

Alexander Kovacs, Global Product Manager, Attana AB:, + 46 (0)8 -410 200 00

Gabriela Suhoschi , Marketing Manager, Attana AB :, +46 (0) 8- 674 57 12


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About Attana AB

Based in Stockholm, Sweden Attana AB offers biosensors for analysis of biomolecular interactions. Our systems have since 2003 been employed at leading life science companies and universities worldwide working in a wide variety of research fields. For biomolecules of varying species such as cells, antibodies, proteins, viruses and bacteria, Attana’s biosensors can be used to determine specificity, kinetics and affinity amongst other binding characteristics.

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