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Simon Mullan, Exhibition opening: 15.11.08 at 19:00-00.00

Simon Mullan Behind closed doors only grey exists 15.11.08 - 30.11.08 Opening 15.11.08 at 19:00-00.00 Bastard Gallery presents "Behind closed doors only grey exists", which consists of new works by Simon Mullan. The exhibition is built around the two video pieces "One man world" and "Fiction Phone call". Both videos have one focus, Andreas Heger; who is a young man with Downs’s syndrome. Andreas Heger and Simon Mullan grew up together in Austria and have known each other for several years. These two videos can be seen as homage to the ones among us who are real artists. This is what Andreas Heger is to Simon; he plays different instruments and is not only a talented actor but also a true one at that. Mullan is partly fascinated by Andreas Heger’s ability to smoke cigarettes without cigarettes and make phone calls without switching on the phone; but also looks up to him that he does all these things in a true and honest way. The setting is very intimate, almost like a black and white family photograph. Exclusively at the opening night Simon Mullan will perform together with Björn Segschneider. They are partners in the project “Off the beaten trackz”, and will present their common work. Literally a deconstruction of music. The project consists of two parts. The first one is series of cut up vinyl records, which work as collages/sculptures. The second part is the sound of these dismantled, conjoined again, records. Simon Mullan is born 1981 in Kiel, Germany. He got his master’s degree at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and is currently a project student at the Royal University College of Fine arts in Stockholm. Bastard Gallery Östgötagatan 87a 116 64 Stockhlm T-Skanstull


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