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This year, Beckman’s College of Design’s Degree Exhibition takes place 18–23 May at our venue on Brahegatan 10. The fashion degree class shows their work at Berns, Berzelii Park, on Monday 17 May. On Thursday 20 May, there will be an ”Afterwork” at the school, with inspiring and interesting speakers, a bar, mingling and of course the opportunity to attend the exhibition. Between 6 pm and 7 pm, nine representatives from the product design, fashion and advertising industries will speak an estimated 5 minutes each (20 frames, 20 seconds per frame) on inspiration and process. Those who wish may arrive at 5 pm and attend a guided tour in beforehand; an opportunity to attend the exhibition will also be available after 7 pm.

Monday 17 May The degree fashion shows at Berns, Berzelii Park
4:30 pm (doors 4 pm) Press viewing. RSVP 10 May at visning2010@beckmans.se
6 pm (doors 5:30 pm) Public viewing, tickets available at Ticnet.se
7:30 pm (doors 7 pm) Public viewing, tickets available at Ticnet.se

Tuesday 18 May The degree exhibition opens
4 pm Press viewing. RSVP 12 May at utstallning2010@beckmans.se
5 pm–8 pm Opening reception
5:30 The exhibition is opened by Margareta van den Bosch

Thursday 20 May
12 pm–8 pm The exhibition is open
5 pm Guided tour of the exhibition
6 pm–7 pm ”Afterwork” at the school with inspiring and interesting speakers

Opening hours and guided tours
Open daily 19–23 May 12 pm – 8 pm
Guided tours Wednesday, Thursday 5 pm
Friday 3 pm and 5 pm
Saturday, Sunday 2 pm

Press pictures
Will be available to download from our web site:
starting Monday 10 May.

For further information on the different student projects,
please read text following below

For more information, please contact information administrator Malin Looft.
malin.looft@beckmans.se 08-660 20 20


Ilona Rius – Hide us
The starting point of my degree project lies in the relationship between different materials and the body. I explore borders between the skin, the body and the garment. Borders that become vague, as the garments melt into the body and into eachother. Encounters between the real and what imitates it, between the natural and the artificial. Where is the line between dressed and stripped? When does transparency become clothes and skin nudity

+46 737 40 84 27 ilonarius@hotmail.com

Heidi Nilausen – Bloodlines
I have always been fascinated by different subcultures, occultism and symbol language. In my work I have examined codes and symbol language used in certain groups and in the world of fashion. Among others, I have been observing Illuminati – a group said to control the world – and how they manipulate people by using hidden symbols. In my collection I have used a classic enpowering silhouette and other elements of power.

+46 765 68 22 56 heidi@heidinilausen.com www.beckmans.se/heidi-nilausen

Disa Treutiger – Material Memories
We all carry memories, fragments that symbolize different events and feelings we have experienced. But with time, our memories become distorted, part of them are forgotten and others mixed up. I have examined what happens when garments, like memories, go through the very same process. I have made a visual interpretation of loss, oblivion, confusion and change. What is remembered and what is forgotten?

+46 702 55 25 50 disatreutiger@hotmail.com www.disatreutiger.se

Jonna Sjögren – Before and After
I have examined how clothes relate to the body, or how the body relates to clothes. How do we relate to our own bodies and to the contemporary ideal of beauty? We are constantly overthrown with information about changing and manipulating our bodies, to become more beautiful and young looking. What are we prepared to do to our bodies and how far will we go to achieve perfection.
By applying different techniques of collage I have tried to display the need of being perfect, and to find new forms of expression through that. By cutting garments in pieces and reuniting them, I have searched for a new road to perfection.

+46 704 24 31 96 jonnasjogren@hotmail.com

Carina Sahlin – Des Esseintes
A large part of our identities is constructed around the consumption of beautiful things. We express this by for example choosing a certain brand of clothing or a certain piece of furniture. To me, this lifestyle seems very decadent. It is about eye-catching luxury and the tendencies toward ruin that it brings. It is something that I glorify at the same time as I am sarcastic about it. I work in fashion and consume it daily. I constantly think about why I do it, and for whom. Who am I without these things? Would there be anything left of me?

+46 739 51 59 39 carina.sahlin@beckmans.se

Azade Habibnia – Contradictions
In my work, I have explored contradictions and opposites. I have examined what happens when you bring the street into the salon. To me, the street represents the truth and the reality, whereas the salon is but an artificial version of it. Strong elements gathered from the street are mixed with the luxurious and tailored. The raw and hard meets the even and soft.

+46 739 99 18 00 azadeh@beckmans.se

Erik Annerborn – It should be like this everyday
How can conceptual fashion go from being a social comment into action? My degree project brings up political organization as an element in the design process and how a network for change can be created using design as a base. A cloud of thoughts has emerged parallelly to the fashion collection, a live context to the visual expression.
It is time we find out how to live together and in what shape.

+46 736 93 7242 erik@infernalrunners.se www.infernalrunners.se

Fanny Ollas – Make a noice and make it clear!
My degree project evolves around my thoughts on normality, uniformity and the ambition to follow common norms. Today, we are all free to dress however we like, but still a lot of people choose to dress just like everyone else. The fear of not fittning in seems larger than the search for something individual and the will to create an expression of one’s own.
In my collection I have started out from “normal” garments, which I then transformed and decorated, aiming to extinguish the anonymity and create a feeling of something over-decorated which opposes the norm.

+46 737 16 20 37 fanny_ollas@hotmail.com

Klara Sjons Nilsson – Ways of Seeing
We live in different realities, where we more so than others can choose what we want to show to the world that surrounds us. We escape into various medias, where we do not have to be ourselves, we can add onto ourselves our choose to subtract. I have examined how we relate to the two-dimensional reality. How we interpret images by using our visual archives. By interpreting this two-dimensional world and my thoughts surrounding it I have created my collection – my parallel world.

+46 704 71 91 12 klara.sjons@gmail.com

Maria Melinder – Me and everyone I know
My degree project is an examination of the construction of personality, alternative personas and alter egos. Through intuitive three-dimensional experiments and partly thoughtful interprestations, I have built and constructed six different representations of myself. Six alter egos in a mix of truth and fiction.

+46 703 52 77 33 maria@melinder.se  www.mariamelinder.se

Matilda Sandström – La Pie
In my work, I try to get a grip of a feeling, to define and design it – illuminate the fine in the ugly, crooked but attractive. Vibrations in the divergent. Awkward. On the theme of stolen goods, with inspiration from all that glitters. Vulgar becomes luscious, with respect and dignity. Sophisticated insanity. With the aim to consolidate my point of view in the conflict; enable impossible unifications.

+46 735 99 18 20 matilda.sandstrom@beckmans.se

Maryam Avalinejad – Customizing Culture
In my collection, I have chosen to work with my Persian heritage, along with a personal feeling of standing out and blending in, in the search of balance. To adjust to the environments of two different countries, like a chameleon.
In my research, I have identified something which to me has kept its strong meaning and Persion authenticity through times – the Persian carpet. From the Persian conquerors and the greatness of the shah to the reign of today. From antique culture to our age in time. Floor to body. With lust and passion I refine the aesthetic expression of the carpet and use it in my collection. A collection where I strive and search for elegant tradition and majestetic docility.

+46 737 28 88 95 maryam_gol@hotmail.com

Emilie Steele – The only way to fly is to die
In the shape of a bird, the soul can grow wings. My degree project is about rebirth, self-chosen. But in order for there to be life, there has to be death. I have examined a new design process and symbols related to the chosen theme, where freedom and spontaneity serve as watchwords. I want to integrate illustration without being interpreted as an illustrator alone. To create a unique and unpredictable feeling, I have among other things hand painted patterns straight onto the fabric.

+46 739 15 91 55 em@emiliesteele.se www.emiliesteele.se


Philippe Tempelman – Mix Selder – Liberty Lounge
Is it possible to create without controlling reason? By using hypnosis and automated writing as a starting point, I have examined how it is possible to conjure up and use visual imagery from the subconscious.
“In this day and age, logical methods are applicable only to solving problems of secondary interest.”

+46 735 29 14 30 www.beckmans.se/philippe-tempelman

Rikard Heberling – I said to the librarian ”Where are the books on Jesus?”
This projects deals with the various aspects involved in book publishing – research and speculations, which might be the ground for starting a publishing company. The project is based on close collaboration with Jacob Grønbech Jensen and Emi-Simone Zawall. By focusing on ourdiscussions and on the distribution itself as being partly the purpose of a book, our goal has been to find the main, underlying reasons for sharing a text with others.

+ 46 736 52 50 46 rikard@heberling.se

Lisa Nyman – Same same but different
“We love fashion for its rare ability to make it mean something,
but also for its meaninglessness” (Viktor & Rolf)
With this quote as a starting point, I examine fashion from two different angles. How can a context change our perception of a garment? To explore this and portray fashion as an art of communication, I have used two different platforms within the fashion industry. One of them is the art gallery, representing the theoretical and artistic side of fashion. The second platform is blogs, representing fashion’s commercial side.

+46 737 74 42 01 lisas_post@hotmail.com

Fanny Andersson – My brother is a fish
I have made a short animated film about a boy, his brother and the sea. The movie is about how we all handle sorrow in different ways and how childish imagination can turn the terrible into something beautiful. The boy drifts away from reality in his dreams. His thoughts and dreams bring us to the sea, where whales sing and where his brother has chosen to live. But not everything is beautiful out there in the deep blue ocean, and the problems are closer to shore than we can imagine.

+46 709 40 02 53 fanny@starck.se www.starck.se

Elena Becker – Ways of Seeing
How does our visual archive affect our perception of images?
I examined how we relate to a two-dimensional reality. By working with visual surrealism and irrationality, I examined how I can create images and visual universes that go against the way we are used to seeing things, all within the context of fashion.
Collaboration between Elena Becker and Klara Sjons Nilsson (fashion student).

+46 707 44 25 01 elena@elenabecker.com www.beckmans.se/elena-becker

Christian Kian Zubicky – As time passed us by
It is often said that one shouldn’t worry about the future, nor live in the past. Nevertheless, it seems as though it is while we live in the present that time passes.
During my time at Beckmans, I often wondered how my dad got so old. What was I doing when that occured? A year ago I started a filmmaking project, which is now my degree project: a biography of my dad.

+46 739 96 44 41 www.zubicky.se www.aharddayswork.com

Linn Mork – Flatitude
I have designed packets for the breakfast table. All the packets are made of paper, folded and creased, inspired by Japanese origami. The thought of a new type of design was born after I noticed how fast the trash bin filled up every day.
My aim was to, first and foremost, enable flattening the packets. By simply pressing with the hand the volume can be reduced. In this way, packets take up less space in the fridge, as well as in the trash bin or the recycling location. They function in the same way as an accordion or a rise lamp.

+46 734 23 09 23 mork.linn@gmail.com

David Wickström – A photographical study of a waste land
A wasteland is abandoned or underused industrial or commercial land. A wasteland can be looked upon as a sort of by-product of our society – the spaces left after we trasformed the landscape into a city with buildings, roads and infrastructure.
In a photographic study, I have examined and documented the wasteland surrounding different roads in Stockholm. The purpose has been to shed some light on these neglected places and to show the down-side of human exploitation of the landscape.

+46 739 89 13 40 david@davidwickstrom.se www.davidwickstrom.se

John Falk Rodén – Time lines – a photographical experiment
I have examined how to work with photography in an experimental way with the purpose of finding different, unconvetional expressions. In both motion picture and still photos, I found a method to photographically illustrate the reality in a way we normally do not perceive. Unlike the traditional camera, this method records events occurred at different times in a single image, like a time line.

+46 739 57 74 68 info@johnfalkroden.se www.johnfalkroden.se

Hanna Andersson – The myth of the Nunctotem
My project is an examination of what a contemporary totem-pole would look like, and the mythology surrounding it. I build a world around my characters and provide the totem-pole with a new meaning and a new shape in relation to my thoughts about our society. What will appear

hanna_andersson@gmail.com www.hanaandersson.se

Simon Dahlgren Strååt – A portait of sense and sensibility
How does a student at Beckmans view his or her own self and the future? With three different interviews as a starting point, I have painted a series of portraits in oilcolor. My aim has been to visualize how we, in different ways, adjust our feelings and dreams to the society we live in. Does our perception of how others value us affect our personal ambitions

+46 737 55 46 67 simon@dahlgrenstraat.se www.dahlgrenstraat.se

Samuel Nilsson – Live Edit Multi Touch Music Video Creator
There is a lot of scope for creativity within filmmaking. But how would things look outside of the box? I want to give the viewer a more active role; erase some of the line between the producer and the audience. I let the visitors have a voice in the story, drama and aesthetics through a multi-touch application which enables them to cut their own music video in less than three minutes, in real-time with sixteen different camera angles and story lines as raw material. All of this is exclusively produced for the new single “Sthlm” by the pop group Fantasikrig.

+46 706 87 92 96 info@samuelnilsson.se www.samuelnilsson.se

Kalle Hagman – The Gravity of Knowing
As much as we take time for granted, we trust in gravity to keep us down on the ground. But what would happen if the laws of nature were to fail us? Barophobia is the fear that gravity will cease to exist, which would make us take off from the ground and disappear into space.
The still photo film I made features a man in his struggle against the seemingly real chimaeras and phobias.

+46 704 99 79 09 info@kallehagman.com www.kallehagman.com

Andreas Lewandowski – A Sabbatical
I have let the word Sabbatical (break from work) lead the way in a typographical experiment. The letter A has been the subject of different thoughts and ideas, giving it new and interesting shapes. The starting point has been to try my way forward, to be open-minded toward my results and not let the end product moderate the final result.
My intention is to bring the spectator from a safe and recognizable world into something new and exciting.

+46 735 10 61 72 info@andreaslewandowski.se andreas@ajja.se
www.andreaslewandowski.se www.ajja.se

Petter Prinz – What had Robin Hood been doing today
We all live in our own little bubbles. Question the self from a larger perspective can often make our actions seem meaningless in relation to what goes on in the world. Advertising is one of the world’s largest industries. It was created for people with money by people with even more money. 
In my degree project, I have developed a concept for changing the commercial system; a concept that instead generates money for those who are in genuine need of it. 
Charify is an addition in your web browser that transforms your surfing time into micro contributios. The program replaces the ads with new ads, to the revenues of which are disbursed in full to charity.

+ 46 762 44 19 35 petter@prinz.se www.prinz.se

Martin Wågnert – 3:4
I have created a music video for the artist Harald Björk. Insipred by artists such as Bill Viola and Hollis Frampton, I have been experimenting with the contrasts between old and new. The starting point of the project has been to create a movie which plays with perspectives and the general opinion on how a music video should be presented.

+46 733 80 21 44 martinwagnert@gmail.com


Petra Arnesson – A Weave of Sweden
After having received a list from Stastistics Sweden on the different countries the Swedish population originates from, I examined different patterns and carpets that are typical of different nations. With the material as a starting point, I created a wall-to-wall carpet representing the cultural mix existing in this country.

+46 762 23 48 78 petra.arnesson@beckmans.se

Hilda Hellström – Synthesis
The lack of relation between us and our surroundings makes it easier to throw away things, easier to consume. Thus it is quite evident that things lose their value. I have created a project in which I wanted to give items their rightful meaning in relation to their users. By placing ads, I sought participants, who became my customers. I became their craftsman, and together we developed their version of the perfect seating furniture. The aim of the project is simple – If the participants develop a relation to this piece of furniture that is so strong that they in fact consider it as a life companion, the full purpose has been achieved. You neither consume nor throw out a life companion.

+46 708 82 19 92 hilda@hildahellstrom.se. www.hildahellstrom.se

Josefin Hellström Olsson – Contradiction
In my degree project, I have been working with steps and stairs. These have had a broad symbolic meaning through history, and have the ability to affect our impression through their shape. Stairs tend to become well-used meeting points,unloading areas, seats, etc, i.e. functions they were not originally designed for. Inspired by this, I want to examine the shape of stairs as something more than a means of transport, and promote their secondary functions. Having a staircase inside one’s home is an indication of great status.
I want to use these symbols in the creation of an innovative piece of furniture combining the different aspects i.e. object, function, product and decoration and bring a staircase to every home.

+46 706 69 02 28 josefin@hellstromolsson.se www.hellstromolsson.se

Fredrik Ohlén – 20 square meters of floor
How can we create a kitchen that serves all the possible functions, takes up less space and is more flexible than kitchens designed today? How can we recycle materials classified as waste even if they don’t look like waste? With the growing population and increasing immigration to larger cities, our private spheres will become increasingly limited. In spite of this, the current trends paint a different picture; our kitchens have become bigger and flashier and more material is needed to build them.
The aim of my project is to create a kitchen that can be modified as needed; a kitchen that helps you separate your trash and reduce the amount of wasted food, a kitchen that takes up less space and uses the space in a more efficient manner.

+46 733 66 93 60 info@fredrikohlen.com www.fredrikohlen.com

Oscar Andersson – Is steam our future
The steam engine was the starting point of the 19th century industrialism. Today, industrialism stands for air pollution, acidification and devastation of forest land.
Can a comeback of the steam engine more than 200 years later be the answer to our future problems?
I want to build my future in my own way and be an inspiration to others.

+46 708 93 38 49 oscar.andersson@beckmans.se

Petra Eriksson – Body with Organs
The starting point of this degree project has been to examine how the impure and repulsive is portrayed in various aesthetic disciplines.
I became absorbed in what is on our inside, both physically and psychologically. In my examination I first of all focus on literary references, which I then link to images from cartoons, horror movies, art and design; images that illustrate my interpretation of the texts.
An aesthetics which examine the impure, the uncomfortable and the body. In my working progress I, unlike before, have started out from an existing room, where I let the physical qualities of the room, along with its angles and corners, become a part of my creation. I envision the room as a body, with an inside and an outside, where what is hidden pushes through.

+46 736 31 49 90 petrae@beckmans.se

Marie Lindblad – A place for books
How can one make a bookshelf less static? In my degree project, I have chosen to work on creating an unconventional bookshelf; one that is quite different from an otherwise tedious bookshelf. This wall hanging bookshelf can be placed in all different directions, either alone or in a combination of several bookshelves. The apperance of the bookshelf changes depending on how it is placed, and this also creates new opportunities of storage. My inspiration comes from collages and architecture in the shape of apartment ground plans. The idea is for the bookshelf to ressemble a playful meeting between materials, colors and surfaces.

+46 735 68 30 47 mariel@beckmans.se www.beckmans.se/marie-lindblad

Therese Westman – Privacy in public places
I have examined the public environement in Stockholm, democratic places owned by all of us. But the possibilities of influencing and leaving a mark on these places are few. The city remains anonymous, a stressful distance where few people stop to take a moment to just be. Who do these places belong to? Who decides over them?
In these places, you cannot step over a doorstep, close a door and lock it behind you. Shutting out or being private is not an option. In my creation, I have created rooms within the city. I have worked with materials that are partly transparent and partly shut. It’s a visualization of power. Depending on which side you stand on, you are either a hidden spectator, or unaware of the eye of viewer.

+46 707 95 52 34 therese.westman@beckmans.se therese.westman@hotmail.com

Leo Forssell – Pick Two
In my degree project, I have studied humour. I came to the conclusion that subtle everyday humour is what appeals to me the most. People’s behaviour, recognizable situations and everyday problems fascinate me. I like combining functional products with humour and playfulness. For example, a twist, in a material or a change of environment can make the product more exciting.
I think it can be more difficult to perceive quality in a design created with a sense of humour, which is why I experimented with a triangle of three important key words: Good, Fast and Cheap.

+46 708 22 88 80 leoforssell@gmail.com www.leoforssell.se

Erik Rosin – The role of the designer as something sustainable
To me, being a designer comes with the question: How do we meet a demand in the best and most resource-efficient way? In today’s market economy, we often create problems that nobody is really in need of solving. Our role has to a large extent come to ressemble a kind of trafficker of consumerism.
I want the role of the designer to be responsible, from an organic, an economical as well as a humanist perspective.
The creation of sustainable development is the most important issue in society today. I want to work in projects where the role of the designer can be an inspiration to others to see the possibilities in a more sustainable world.

+46 739 69 85 55 info@erikrosin.com www.erikrosin.com

Daniela Yevenes Zagal – H20
I have worked on a park, Järnvägsparken, which I identified as a place forgotten in the urban environment; a park created in 1970 at the same time as the Söderleden is the result of modernistic and rational city planning; the purpose was to adapt the city to vehicles. Based on the observation and analysis of the place, I created a proposal for spatial formation. With this proposal, I would like to readapt the place making it truly recreational for people.

+46 707 51 98 55 daniela.yeveneszagal@gmail.com

Malin Dammgård – Tarantella
Many offices and public places lack textiles. There is more to textiles than just decoration. They can also change the sound, light and ambience of the room. Therefore, I would like to refurbish offices, public places and even our homes with more textiles; not just curtains, pillows or blankets.
The starting point in my degree project was to experiment with textiles; to freely create shapes, volumes, and structures. The result is a three-dimensional pattern, built with modules. These modules are designed to be delivered flat, which can be bent easily and put together in place.

+46 706 21 10 31 mail@malindammgard.se www.malindammgard.se





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