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Two students from Beckmans College of Design selected for Milan 2013

Lotta Lampa and Lisa Berkert Wallard, final-year students at the Design Programme at Beckmans College of Design have been selected by the design organisation Tuttobene for the exhibition Work/Shop at Salone del Mobile in Milan. The exhibition Work/Shop is focused on international design talents whose design revolves around sustainability, economy and society.

Lotta Lampa will exhibit A Raisparadise Style*, a chaise lounge and a lamp, inspired by imaginary worlds, bizarre proportions and her hometown. Lisa Berkert Wallard will exhibit a crochet lamp, inspired by traditional Swedish crafts, and a cupboard, Nate, in which the design process plays the lead role. The cupboard tells the story of how the process comes to life and affects – and is affected by its environment.

Work/Shop is shown in The Magazzini, Via Valenza 2, April 9th-13th 2013.

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For more information:

Lotta Lampa, student, Design Programme, Beckmans College of Design

E-mail: charlotte.lampa@beckmans.se

Telephone: +46 (0) 705545915

Lisa Berkert Wallard, student, Design Programme, Beckmans College of Design

E-mail: lisa.berkert.wallard@beckmans.se

Telephone: +46 (0)709843699


Sofia Hulting, Press Officer, Beckmans College of Design

E-mail: sofia.hulting@beckmans.se

Telephone: +46 (0) 86602020







Beckmans College of Design offers three-year BA-degree courses in art and design (180 points). There are three programmes: Visual Communication, Fashion, and Design (product and interior design). www.beckmans.se


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