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The proposal by the Nomination Committee for election of the Board of Directors of Bilia AB

The Nomination Committee of Bilia AB submits the following proposals to be presented at the Annual General Meeting of shareholders to be held on April 17 2020, regarding number of members of the Board and election of members of the Board.

The Nomination Committee proposes to reduce the number of members of the Board to nine, with no deputy members.

The Nomination Committee proposes the following persons for re-election as members of the Board of Directors: Gunnar Blomkvist, Anna Engebretsen, Eva Eriksson, Mats Holgerson, Ingrid Jonasson Blank, Nicklas Paulson, Jan Pettersson, Mats Qviberg and Jon Risfelt.

Jack Forsgren has declined re-election.

The Nomination Committee proposes Mats Qviberg to be re-elected as chairman of the Board.

The members of the Nomination Committee are Tim Floderus (Investment AB Öresund, chairman), Mats Qviberg (the Qviberg family), Evert Carlsson (Swedbank Robur Fonder) and Hans Ek (SEB Investment Management).

Information about all persons proposed to be re-elected as members of the Board is available on Bilia AB’s website. The Nomination Committee’s complete proposal will be announced in the notice of the Annual General Meeting. The recommendations and reasoned statements will at the same time be available on Bilia AB’s website.

The Nomination Committee in Bilia AB (publ)

For further information please contact:

Tim Floderus, chairman of the Nomination Committee, phone +46 (0)8 402 33 23.


Facts about the Bilia Group

Bilia is one of Europe’s largest car chains with a leading position within service and sales of cars and transport vehicles. Bilia has 136 facilities in Sweden, Norway, Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium. Bilia sells cars of the brand Volvo, BMW, Toyota, Renault, Lexus, MINI, Dacia and transport vehicles of the brand Renault, Toyota and Dacia.

Bilia has today a fully expanded business with sales of new cars, e-commerce, spare parts and store sales, service and repair workshops, tyres and car glass and financing, insurance, car washes, fuel stations and auto salvage under the same roof, which gives a unique offer.

Bilia reported a turnover of SEK 28.4 bn in 2018 and had 4,785 employees.


Anders Rydheimer

Anders Rydheimer

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