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How to use Pinterest with BIMobject™

If you are not already using Pinterest as a designer or manufacturer, it is high time! Pinterest is a fun way to organise bookmarks visually. Pinterest gives you the ability to ”PIN” things you find on the web, and allow you to save them visually in boards. These boards get shared with others to create an opportunity to communicate ideas, concepts and design proposals.

How can you use it with BIMobject? bimobject.com

At BIMobject.com all published BIMobjects can be pinned, we have added a small social bar under the image of each product. This way you can use Pinterest to create your own favourite board with BIMobjects to present to clients and colleges.

At any time you can click on the product images in your mood board and it leads back to the BIMobject product page. Since every product on bimobject has a permanent unique URL for each product, pinning works and you can trust that it will drive more traffic to your products and get them more visible.

In February Pinterest surpassed Twitter, when it comes to amount of related links to companies websites!

So, if you're a manufacturer you can build boards with different products and share them with your customers, being more visible!

If you're a designer, this is a great way to build digital design and mood boards that can be shared with clients and colleges. You can mix BIMobjects with any other websites content and create inspirational ideas to share.

Engage your customers, make your products visible - BIMobjects get social!

Please visit our boards at Pinterest, we invite you to join! Add your favourite products and send us a request to create them for BIM!


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