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Ever considered adopting an apple tree in the North of Sweden? Now you can.

Sweden’s award winning maker of cider, Brännland Cider AB, is offering its Ice Cider on Michelin Star restaurants around the world, just a few years after its founding. The company now wants to give something back to the soil it depends upon and invites everyone to come along for a project, researching sustainable ecological growth of apples for making an even better product, up in the North of Sweden.

Brännland Cider is the living proof that a vision can go a long way, showing that the unimaginable can be done. In the course of 6 years, the company has succesfully launched its award winning Ice Cider, a product perfectly suited for the Nordic climate.

In October 2016 Brännland Cider planted 1000 apple trees at Röbäcksdalen outside Umeå in the North of Sweden. This orchard is the start of a new apple domain and terroir in both Sweden and Europe and will in time spawn great cider. But, it will also be a center of research, learning and education on apple growing in the North where all results will be shared to promote science and sustainability in the name of ecology and forward thinking.

In order to bring the people into the process, Brännland Cider now invites the public to be a part of the terroir for making great cider but also to help develop more eco friendly Northern orchards. Apart from supporting the shaping of a renewed and enriched Northern landscape, every donor will get its name on one of the trees, be invited to participate in the yearly harvest feast on location and also get a chance to try the fresh cider from the actual trees before anyone else.

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For more information, please contact:

Andreas Sundgren Graniti, CEO Brännland Cider AB

Cell: +46 703 458 595


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Brännland Cider producerar iscider och cider på 100% svenska äpplen för en nationell och internationell marknad. Bolagets första årgång Brännland Iscider, ett isvin producerat på äpplen med sitt historiska ursprung i Kanada, släpptes 2012.


Andreas Sundgren

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