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​​Meet us at Interflam 2016!

Briab is now in London to present the latest research into model simulations of long ascending stair evacuation at the 14th international Interflam Conference.

“It is a great privilege to meet our peers in the fire research field and present our results to them. Our research will make significant impact on the way we evaluate and use simulation models for ascending stair evacuation and it doesn’t end there. Our full scale experiments have generated big data on human behaviour that now can be used to improve other fields of research” says Johan Norén, Director R&D at Briab.

Briabs Research and Development department is quickly growing in research projects and staff. The main research areas at this moment are; Ascending stair evacuation, Tall Timber Buildings and Nordic Fire Safety Engineering for Innovative and Sustainable Building Solutions.

At Interflam Briab will be a part of a presentation and a poster session. Both on Wednesday 6th of july.

  • Presentation: An Experiment on Ascending Evacuation on a Long, Stationary Escalator
    Silvia Arias, E Ronchi, K Kuklane, Lund Univ, J Noren, Briab Brand & Riskingenjorena AB, M Delin, DeBrand Sverige AB, K Fridolf, SP Technical Research Inst of Sweden, Sweden
  • Poster Session: Validation Study On The Use Of Evacuation Models For Simulation Of Long Ascending Stair Evacuation
    Johan Noren
    , C Eriksson Lantz, Briab Brand & Riskingenjorerna AB, M Delin, DeBrand Sverige AB and E Ronchi, Lund University, Sweden

For more information about our research, click the resource link or contact Johan and Caroline directly:

Johan Norén
+468 406 66 06

Caroline Eriksson Lantz
+468 406 66 17

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