X-ray with market leader Fujifilm
X-ray with market leader Fujifilm

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Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) System from Fujifilm “Making the invisible visible........“

Fujifilm, the absolute pioneer in digitized x-ray imaging ”X-ray”, 1989, they took the digitized x-ray technology into the industry. Through in-house developed technology that has been proven for many years, among other things through its image plate "IP" which for the first time was able to remove the old X-ray film and make it completely digital. This will help you get rid of the old film. With the latest addition DynamIx, Fujifilm has further increased the precision of the measurements and faster measurements / developments.

We offer a number of different digital solutions according to your requirements and wishes. With our groundbreaking digital film that you apply like traditional film under your test object, irradiate the object and bring the digital film to your developing machine and flip-flop, everything is in your computer with the highest possible resolution.

With the latest addition DynamIX series FXR you can put your digital flat X-ray and transfer the image directly into your server environment for analysis. This solution has become more and more popular with customers who make large amounts of X-ray / day or where there is a lot of x-ray in production and want to integrate it with maybe a robot or running tape, FXR can X-ray and analyze in "real time" and incorrect products can be removed immediately and products can be sent out to the customer faster.

  • The world's top class* high spatial and density resolution and Excellent signal to noise ratio (SNR) produce superb image quality
  • Unique image processing and wide dynamic range bringing high accuracy to every inspection
  • DynamIx VU Thickness measurement ― the automatic measurement tool making corrosion tests easier
  • Computerized contrast/density normalization according to the ASTM standard
  • Density parameter presets for more efficient image adjustment
  • 25, 50 and 100 micron scan resolution / 14 bit
  • High spatial resolution and excellent signal to noise rate
  • Meets all standards EN, ISO, ASTM, ASME, NADCAP etc.
  • Accepts rigid cassettes and flexible image plates
  • Scans special cut image plates by magnetic type carrier
  • Accepts image plates up to 152 cm length


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