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CEVT collaborates with Miljöbron for sustainable development

Miljöbron is the bridge between students and future employers creating shared values in sustainable development.Through collaboration with Miljöbron, CEVT is able to connect with students from a broad range of educational programmes to work on time-limited projects in the field of sustainability.

CEVT aims to be at the forefront of innovative technologies for mobility with sustainability in focus.This collaboration is one great example of grassroots passionfor sustainable development initiated by CEVT’s employees. The focus on sustainability has permeated our business as well as our culture, which is crucial for CEVT to become more sustainable both as a company and an employer.

Collaboration with Miljöbron

At CEVT, our employees take initiative and create values together with partners for better sustainable practices. The collaboration between CEVT and Miljöbron was initiated in early 2019 by Johan Hellsing, CEVT Senior Technical Specialist. “It began as a small testing, but it has led to satisfying results so far,” says Johan.

Miljöbron has close contact with students from many different programmes inuniversities and facilitates high-value meetings and projects between students and organisations. As a partner, CEVT decides on four projects or assignments in relation to sustainable development every year, and Miljöbron helps CEVT find highly motivated students from universities to finish these time-limited projects.

“Students get to apply theoretical knowledge gained in university and make contact with various companies and possible future employers. By working with students, companies can gain fresh knowledge and viewpoints as well as get acquainted with possible future employees. Win-win for multiple actors!” says Emil Svensson, CEVT ME System Engineer and contact person with Miljöbron.

Furthermore, these efforts to focus on sustainability are crucialfor attracting and retaining top talent. The collaboration with Miljöbron not only explores new knowledge and viewpoints with motivated students in the field of sustainability, but also builds ongoing dialogues with potential employees in creative ways.

Projects with students in sustainability

One ongoing project is “Conductive Threads & Sustainability”, where we are curious to explore the possibilities of using conductive threads in textiles in order to create a more sustainable car.“It is about making a technology assessment on a new technology from an environmental perspective. Usually, you look into cost and quality, but in this case, we focus on a sustainable point of view,” says Emil.

Another recent project was with students from Chalmers University of Technology. In order for CEVT to keep up with current sustainability practices, a benchmarking study was conducted, which investigates best sustainable practices in the automotive industry among CEVT’s peers and competitors.

“The students do this project for 20 hours, and the result is really impressive,” says Emil. “As I see it, CEVT has only started working with this topic, so we need to collaborate and learn from others, and Miljöbron is one way of doing this.”

Grassroots initiatives lead to strategic approach

At CEVT, Emil and Johan are just one of the passionate people advocating for and implementing sustainable solutions in all aspects of the company. During 2019, CEVT added a new initiative – “Strategically Managed Sustainability”, aiming at developing a comprehensive sustainability strategy driven by the leadership team. The initiative will channel the efforts and enthusiasm already present among our employees towards ambitious objectives, thereby amplifying our sustainability results.

“We have accomplished a lot since our start in 2013. We will continue to create opportunities to deliver value and contribute to sustainable solutions for years to come. I am looking forward towards the exciting next phase for CEVT ,” says Mats Fägerhag, CEO at CEVT.


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