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CEVT ranked as one of the most attractive employers in Sweden

The Randstad Employer Brand research is a nationwide survey done annually that keeps track of the 150 largest companies in Sweden and their corporate brands in terms of employer attractiveness. (For more details go to )

In the category called “Disruptors”, a category based on companies with fast growth and defined as companies to watch out for, CEVT jumped straight to the top three positions from nowhere.

Fredrik Lindholm, Senior Manager Talent & Performance Management at CEVT, explains what he thinks are the winning factors in how CEVT has developed its employer brand. “First of all, we have been very active on many levels, even with our small organization we have covered many student fairs across the country. Then we have had a very close cooperation with our corporate communications department and been able to be very consistent in our exposure of the company. Then maybe our most important brand ambassadors have been our new employees. Last year we welcomed over 400 new people to the company, and we said from the start when we made our talent management strategy that the first day at CEVT should be the best day in your working career. We’re not quite there yet, but the ranking in the Randstad index clearly shows that our efforts are paying off.”

Stefan Lundin, Corporate PR & Communications Director, and responsible for the overall corporate brand continues. “In the two years since we started building our corporate brand, we have come a very long way very fast. CEVT is a company where we don’t have ownership of the products we develop, and that’s why we have to define ourselves not by what we do, but by who we are and how we are. We have focused on being honest and direct in our communication, using our social media channels and traditional PR as the main channels. Being a startup we have kept our corporate branding extremely agile, and we have benefitted from having a relative freedom to develop the CEVT brand within the Geely Group. If we had have to adapt to the group brand totally we would not have been able to develop such a strong brand in Sweden in such a short time. This really shows the brilliance of the Chinese management who has an attitude of “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it”, and let us do what we are good at. Now Geely has an asset in the strong CEVT brand, aside from the great technology we develop for the group.”

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