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​CLGO (Corporate League for CS:GO) by Challengermode is going Pan-European in 2020 for its fifth season.
​CLGO (Corporate League for CS:GO) by Challengermode is going Pan-European in 2020 for its fifth season.

Press release -

The Corporate Counter-Strike League comes to Europe in 2020

CLGO is getting a fifth season

With the popularity of Corporate League for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CLGO) in Sweden, Challengermode is now making the competition Pan-European, enabling teams from companies across the continent to participate in the esports competition. The final will be held in Stockholm, Sweden on the 30th of May 2020 along with an exclusive esports business networking event for all the participating companies.

The company event for gamers

CLGO is an esports competition open to employees from any company that wants to compete in Counter-Strike while representing their company. The competition inspires a healthy dose of rivalry between companies while enabling colleagues to foster a deeper level of comradery, a sense of cohesion and company identity. It's the perfect team building activity for gamers!

In past seasons, people have often been surprised to discover how many former Counter-Strike players exist in their own company. Connecting with colleagues through gaming is a great way to discover new friendships and build a stronger team identity that carries over to their regular work. That’s why we’re excited to bring CLGO to a much wider audience next season as we’ve already heard from many companies that wanted to participate previously, but couldn’t.
- Philip Skogsberg, Co-founder and CMO at Challengermode

Season 4 of the League just wrapped up during the end of 2019 with an intense final between Swedish esports companies Strafe and Abios Gaming. The final was live-streamed from Spotify’s HQ in Stockholm to enthusiastic fans of the competition, colleagues, and followers of the companies. In the past, CLGO has had companies like Spotify, Trustly, Dreamhack, Accenture and Monster Energy participate. With the competition expanding to Europe, even more teams representing companies from a wide range of industries will be able to compete.

Compete and be crowned as the best company in Europe

The competition itself will see hundreds of teams progress through multiple online qualification phases to a playoff round for the best overall teams. The finalists will be invited to play the grand final on-location in Stockholm, live-streamed to the world and for a live audience. Aside from a shiny trophy, the winners will get to pick a charity of their choice to which Challengermode will donate a total of €2500.

New for Season 5 is an exclusive final party and business networking event, taking place in Stockholm, Sweden, May 30th 2020 where all participating teams are invited to mingle and connect with representatives from other companies. Each participating team will receive 7 tickets to the networking event.

Aside from what is guaranteed to be an exciting esports experience for both viewers and players, the final will also coincide with a party and networking event that will make it possible for people from all participating companies to connect and learn from each other. CLGO is thus a not just a corporate employee engagement activity but also an opportunity for companies far outside the typical reach of esports to learn more about the industry and to connect with other endemic and non-endemic companies.
- Philip Hübner, Head of Business Development & Strategy at Challengermode

Key takeaways:

  • CLGO Season 5 will expand the competition to a European audience for the first time
  • CLGO Season 5 is starting in March 2020
  • An exclusive party and networking event will coincide with the grand final
  • The final is planned to be held in Stockholm, Sweden on the 30th of May 2020

To learn more and participate in the competition teams can sign up through the official CLGO page. The standard cost is €849 per team, but an early-bird price of €549 is available until the 31st of January. Included in the price is 7 tickets to the final party and networking event, aside from entry to the competition itself. Companies can also purchase stand-alone tickets to the networking event for €249 per person.

To learn more or for questions, please contact

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Philip Skogsberg

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