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Approved US patent for nano coating for implants

The nano-thin surface is based on the substance hydroxyapatite (HA), which through size, shape, structure and chemistry mimics the hard part of the bone. The surface similarity to human bone makes it easier for the body's own bone cells to heal the implant. The approved patent refers to nano thin coatings of HA and is valid until 2024. The company has previously also received clearance from the FDA to sell the surface on a dental implant.

- This is an important part of our strategy for the U.S. implant market, which is the world's largest, says Ulf Brogren, CEO of Promimic

The company has already patented the product in several countries such as Sweden, Israel, China and Russia.

The unique implant surface HAnano Surface can be used on all commercially available implant materials. To date, Promimic has shown in numerous of in vivo studies that the surface provides better anchoring strength as well as accelerated healing time for implants. The latest study was performed with HAnano Surface coated PEEK implants. PEEK is a polymer material that has grown strongly as a material in the implant industry over the past 10 years. PEEK works well with bone, but without a coating the integration is very slow or none existing. The results of Promimic’s studies showed that HAnano Surface creates bone growth directly on the implant and that the implants therefore are harder anchored. The studies are made in collaboration with Sahlgrenska Academy and the Faculty of Odontology in Malmö, Sweden.

Promimic was founded in 2004 by two researchers from Chalmers together with Chalmers Innovation. The principal owners today are, in addition to the founders, Karolinska Development, Almi Invest Västsverige and Innovationsbron.


For more information:

Ulf Brogren, CEO Promimic
ulf.brogren @  +46 (0)31 772 80 22

Fredrik Ljungberg, CEO of Chalmers Innovation, 073-331 11 00

More about Promimic

Promimic is a Gothenburg-based medical device company. The company licenses a coating solution to the implant industry. Promimic’s innovative technology is a unique wet chemical method of producing nano-particles of hydroxyapatite (HA), which can be used to coat implants, in order to enhance the anchoring strength and accelerate integration with bone tissue.

More about Chalmers Innovation

Chalmers Innovation identifies, develops and finances technology-based growth. Established in 1999, they have been involved in starting 102 businesses. The companies had in 2010 a total turnover of $60 million and 415 employees. Totally they have invested $200 million in these companies. These results make Chalmers Innovation the leading idea investor and business incubator.