More Swedish companies going climate positive

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More Swedish companies going climate positive

Three more Swedish companies have started offering climate positive products and services. Communications agency Brid Content, the music festival Department and sports shoe manufacturer Icebug have joined a small but growing club of companies offering climate positive products and services. 

The three are now a part of CLIPOP (Climate Positive Products) group - that today also includes Swedish electricity company GodEl, restaurant chain MAX Burgers and New Zealand car-sharing service Mevo. All these companies are following the same procedures to achieve climate-positivity – removing more greenhouse gases from the atmosphere than their entire value chain is letting out and reducing their carbon footprint in line with the UN's global 1.5C target.

- It is fantastic to be able to welcome in communications services, a music festival and sports shoes to our list of climate positive products, says Claire Wigg, acting spokesperson of CLIPOP. More climate positive products and services are on the way. CLIPOP’s mission is to inspire others to make their products and companies climate positive but also individuals and the wider community.

According to the United Nations, global warming and climate change present the biggest threat to humanity today. The UN’s latest climate report claims the crisis has gone so far that it will not be enough to reduce emissions but that the world will need to be climate positive by 2050.

Carbon dioxide that has already been emitted needs to be removed from the atmosphere. The companies, individuals, products and services that become climate positive are doing just that.

At the recent 2019 Global Climate Action Summit in New York, the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change) announced that the Swedish restaurant chain MAX was one of the winners of its Global Climate Action Awards for, among other activities, creating a climate positive menu.

- An important goal for us since we became climate positive in June 2018 was to help bring about more climate positive products, companies and communities and to set a standard for what it means to be climate positive. The work continues on both fronts and it is very satisfying to see that more and more are interested in following this path and choosing to be climate positive, says Kaj Török, Information and sustainability manager at MAX.

For more information about CLIPOP and becoming climate positive, please contact:

Claire Wigg,, +46 (0)70 225 88 52, acting spokesperson of CLIPOP International

Johanna Grant, johanna.grant@zeromission, +46 (0)73 704 69 82, acting spokesperson of CLIPOP Sweden

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About CLIPOP - Let's restore the climate

CLIPOP is a platform that gathers companies providing climate positive products according to specific and stringent criteria. The aim is to register climate positive products from all over the world so that people can make climate positive choices when purchasing products and services. CLIPOP’s mission is to inspire more climate positive products, companies, individuals and communities. Read more at

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