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Cloud specialist Xenit joins Co-native

Co-native, the new Nordic group for cloud specialists, today announced that Xenit AB is the first company to join. Xenit is a leading Microsoft Azure partner and offers digital transformation services, including digital workspace, CloudOps and Kubernetes. Xenit was founded in 2009, is based in Gothenburg, Sweden, with 80 employees and an estimated revenue of SEK 130 million in 2022.

There is fast ongoing consolidation in the Nordic cloud and IT market. Large IT conglomerates are acquiring specialist companies at an ever-increasing pace. This trend has been accelerated by the growing requirements for scale, compliance and security – in all making it harder for the remaining specialist companies to survive.

Co-native stands for “co-operation of cloud native specialist companies” and was started to bring more value to both cloud specialist companies and customers. By working together in a group, cloud specialist companies get the same financial resources as the big IT conglomerates to meet increasing requirements, while continuing to be the agile, flexible and highly competent partners that customers seek.

These are some of the advantages with the new cloud group, and why Xenit is excited about Co-native as their best way forward:

  • Xenit will retain their autonomy, specialist culture, organization, individual brand, employees, customer relations and contracts
  • The Co-native group will enable Xenit to utilize group synergies to meet growing requirements for scale, compliance and security
  • Employees will continue working in a cloud specialist company, within Xenit’s individual culture and benefit from a larger network, new collaborations, and additional career paths
  • Customers will retain their close relationship with Xenit and gain access to a wider range of multi-cloud specialist competencies, a broader service offering and additional resources for larger projects
  • Co-native will be a more attractive partner by adding more competencies with additional capabilities to support customers in their cloud transformation journey while retaining strong relationships with existing cloud providers
  • All stakeholders and partners can rest assured that Xenit will remain, by reducing the risk of Xenit being acquired by a larger entity

Xenit’s founders Linus Lindström and Robin Kindberg will be owners in the new group and Linus becomes Co-native’s new CEO.

“The great idea with Co-native is to offer customers the strength of the small cloud specialist - expert competence, personal relations and flexibility - combined with the resources and wide service range of a larger group”, says Linus Lindström, co-founder and former CEO of Xenit, and the new CEO of Co-native

“The cloud services market is consolidating fast. If you are a cloud specialist company, Co-native’s ambition is to be the most attractive alternative for your future growth journey”, says Fredrik Arnander, Executive Chairman, Co-native

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Co-native is the Nordics' first native cloud group and stands for "Co-operation of Cloud Native Companies". For cloud specialist companies, we want to be the most attractive alternative for their future growth. To customers, we offer the best solutions for cloud and digital transformation. The group was started in 2022. Co-native is co-founded by Fredrik Arnander, Linus Lindström and Robin Kindberg.


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