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E!SAVANT - AI for Influencers

Smart Video Nordic AB (Sweden), Gavagai AB (Sweden) and Umeå University (Sweden), together with Valossa Oy (Finland), have been awarded a €1 500 000 grant to develop AI for influencers and other small-scale publishers.

The technical solution takes advantage of the consortium's combined expertise in in video analysis, digital publishing, and autonomous systems. The result is a modular self-optimising platform that allows publishers to profit from their video content. The novelty lies in automatic enrichment of video with relevant advertising, in combination with an artificial intelligence model that continuously updates on-going campaigns to increase their conversion rate.

The Savant platform will act as a catalyst to make the existing influencer ecosystem even more efficient by increasing user activation and, as a consequence, the conversion rate. During the last decade, publishers have lost more than two thirds of their advertising revenue to Facebook and Google: Savant will help publishers to regain initiative by offering them an attractive new ad format to present to their customers.

The project will be carried out over approximately 18 months by a team consisting of Smart Video AB, the research group Foundations of Language Processing at Umeå University, Gavagai AB, and Valossa Oy.

For questions or collaboration requests, please contact
Johanna Björklund, CEO Smart Video Nordic AB
+4670-603 94 59

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Smart Video offers a range of context-aware ad formats to online retailers and publishers, in particular one based on interactive video. At the core is an AI that learns from successes and failures, so as to improve conversion over time. Current customers include Åhlens (department store), Rapunzel of Sweden (online retailer) and Oriflame (cosmetics). Smart Video is affiliated to Codemill AB, which has more than a decade’s experience of digital video, and develops custom media-asset management systems for, among others, the BBC, ITV, and the Guardian News & Media. [ /]

Valossa, the high technology video recognition company founded in 2015, is a leading provider of advanced products based on AI-powered audio-visual content recognition and intelligence. Valossa technology represents over fifteen years of prime research and essential patents from the University of Oulu in northern Finland. Valossa is headquartered in Oulu, Finland, and has representation in New York. For more information, visit the website at

Gavagai develops a self-learning robust semantic text analysis technology for many languages for inclusion in any application context where human generated text is of importance. Gavagai's backend is used for financial analysis, text mining, market research, and media monitoring in numerous languages in numerous markets, both as a component in systems developed by others and in stand-alone products. Gavagai is based in Stockholm, Sweden. []

Umeå University is the largest university in Northern Sweden with about 32000 students and 4000 employees. The university is represented by Prof. Frank Drewes and the research group Foundations of Language Processing at the Dept. of Computing Science. The group is part of the Language Processing Centre North and studies theoretical and practical aspects of representing languages on computers. This includes deriving, combining, and processing semantic representations of media.


Johanna Björklund

Press contact CEO - Smart Video Smart Video 070-603 94 59

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