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What are the actual results of your online marketing?

This workshop is a unique opportunity to learn the strategy and tools from one of the world’s leading experts on Google Analytics: Brian Clifton. Former Head of web analysis at Google EMEA, he knows the best practice of using Google Analytics for effi cient measurements and optimization – providing online success.

Do you struggle to move beyond just measuring visitor counts and pageview volumes? Do you need to learn more about extracting and evaluating your data for successful campaign planning?

Brian Clifton will give you the map for your analysis strategy as well as tools for evaluating reports and defining the success factors for your business. Maximize returns on your investments through advanced web metrics – it’s a fi erce competition but there are winners.


Andreas Namslauer
Project Manager

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Target Group:  This workshop is aimed at marketers and webmasters who have fundamental experience of web metrics and want to learn how to optimize their online business using Google Analytics in the most effi cient way. The workshop combines lectures, discussions and hands-on practical work. To give you the opportunity practice in real life what you learn during the fi rst day and be able to discuss your experiences, the two days will be separated by a few weeks in time.

All participants get a copy of Brian Cliftons book Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics. “If you’re looking for a practical, tactical guide in how to implement and think about web marketing optimization, look no further. Brian Clifton spells it out by industry, by job function, by Key Performance Indicator, and more.” —Jim Sterne, Founding Director and Chairman of the Web Analytics Association


Brian Clifton...

…is one of the world’s leading experts on Google Analytics and website optimization. Former Head of web analysis at Google EMEA, Brian is now helping enterprises to optimize their online marketing. Brian is founder and CEO of Omega Digital Media.


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