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Tom Thorelli, advokat på Thorelli & Associates
Tom Thorelli, advokat på Thorelli & Associates

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"Companies must understand how to minimize legal risk when doing business in the US"

Tom Thorelli är advokat på Thorelli & Associates och har mer än 30 års erfarenhet av att hjälpa svenska företag som vill göra affärer på den amerikanska marknaden. Tom engagerar sig även i frågor som rör fred och miljö. Hör Tom berätta om ämnet för dagen och vad du kan lära dig!

Why have you chosen the subject? Why is the subject important?

I have chosen today’s subject because of my thirty-four years of experience in the realm. Companies must understand how to minimize legal risk when doing business in the US.

What will the participants learn from you?

Participants will learn how to select and use lawyers; why lawyers are used in a preventive capacity in the US; why there are so many lawyers in the US; how to protect their intellectual property; and maintain control and flexibility over their activities in the US. Setting up a US company and what types of visas will also be discussed.

  • Choosing the Right Type of Company to Organize
  • Protecting Intellectual Property Rights
  • Immigration and Obtaining Work Visas
  • Product Liability Preventive Management
  • Contract Negotiations and Techniques

How do you think the next 3 years will look within entrepreneurship? What will be important to consider?

In the next three years, companies will need to continue to be more and more adaptable to changing circumstances; be confronted with massive companies that will apply extreme pressure; further evolution of technology which companies will have to remain abreast of; financial and market instability: very challenging times. Remaining fully aware of the developments in one’s own sector and the economy, generally, will be crucial.

What do you think is the best way to start the day?

Stretch or do yoga for at least thirty minutes when you start the day. Drink lots of water, too.

Which Person / Company in the industry are you inspired by?

My former boss showed me how I could make a living running my own law firm.

Tom föreläser på Connects Tillväxtarena 8 februari, anmäl dig här. 

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