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Still hot on the heels of Bauma where Volvo CE launched the Volvo Co-Pilot platform

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Still hot on the heels of Bauma where Volvo CE launched the Volvo Co-Pilot platform

Last week at Bauma, Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) created quite a stir when it unveiled its innovative and revolutionary Volvo Co-Pilot services as part of its new intelligent machine solutions.

There were people lining up to try the new machines with the Volvo Co-Pilot and Assist services. We took competitors by surprise, and customers by storm. Amongst the feedback was that we totally understood our customers’ business and application needs. So what was the hype about?

Volvo Co-Pilot

The Volvo Co-Pilot platform, and the advanced ‘Assist’ machine services - Dig Assist, Load Assist, Compact Assist and the soon-to-be available Pave Assist - are the machine operator's best friends. They enable the operator to quickly and independently manage all operations at the construction site with ease, accuracy and full control. 

The Volvo Co-Pilot is designed to take the complexity out of the daily operator work; it is intuitive enough to operate with minimal training, and on-screen support is always available at the touch of a button thus, optimizing ease of operation and uptime. The operator can also customize functions and targets in seconds to easily monitor the progress of his/her work with greater independence and confidence.

New software functionality is remotely delivered thanks to over-the-air software updates which are always under the customer’s full control. Volvo Co-Pilot also has its own cloud storage where production data and reports are stored for remote access.

CPAC Systems is proud to have been chosen as Volvo CE's partner in developing what is the world’s first fully integrated and connected machine control platform utilizing onboard machine information combined with high precision sensors like RTK GNSS, IMU and different camera solutions. The Volvo Co-Pilot platform will change the way intelligent machine features are delivered and sets a new standard for high-end customer application in the area of productivity, efficiency, uptime and safety applications.

Koen Sips, Vice President Customer Solutions, Volvo Construction Equipment says, “The launch of the new Volvo Co-Pilot opens the door to the future for our customers because the intelligent ‘Assist’ machine features will allow them to work more efficiently and safer than ever before. The Volvo Co-Pilot offers a fully integrated and open platform that is truly unique in our industry, developed by our own industry experts in Volvo CE and CPAC Systems. We are excited about the positive market reaction and are looking forward to the success of our intelligent machine features around the world.”

Richard Berkling, President of CPAC Systems adds, 'Last week at Bauma 2016, Volvo CE launched our joint efforts to bring new value-creation to the construction segment. Volvo CE has made a bold and ambitious effort with Volvo Co-Pilot and all the ‘Assist’ features. Still, this is just the beginning. We aim to increase productivity for Volvo CE and the industry as we bring down the cost for machine control solutions compared to the current after-market products. With true integration, we can optimize the solutions on cost as well as performance, making machine control available not only for the high-end market.'

Volvo CE's press release on their intelligent machine solutions

Watch how Co-Pilot and the Assist services work with the individual machines on CPAC’s YouTube channel

*Image and videos courtesy of Volvo CE

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