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Cranab presents the largest forwarder crane ever

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Cranab presents the largest forwarder crane ever

The crane manufacturer Cranab is now presenting the FC16, the largest model in its new, successful generation of cranes for forwarders. This new model reinforces the company's position as the leading crane producer for forestry machines in the global market.

The FC16 has been developed especially for the market's largest and most powerful forwarders. The development of today's forwarders has resulted in their becoming larger and more powerful, with an increased loading capacity. The largest machines have an increased load capacity from 18 tonnes all the way to 20 tonnes.
The new FC16 has been developed to manage the highest demands with increased strength and high performance.

At its full range of 8.5 metres the crane can lift all of 1310 kg at the tip. Gross lifting torque is 165 kNm. Added to this is a powerful slewing engine with a slewing torque of an impressive 42.5 kNm.  

"We have followed market developments and the users' needs very closely, and have designed our new model entirely to meet the new demands of the industry. This new crane is, for example, optimised in proportion to the slewing effect and the lifting force. We have been very careful in this respect when developing the new FC16", explains Marketing Manager Micael Olsson.

"We know that harmony between lifting force and slewing effect is crucial. These properties are vital in sloping terrain where it is especially important that the forwarder is fitted with a crane strong enough to both lift and slew whilst fully laden in the same motion cycle", explains Micael Olsson.

New generation praised from the outset
Cranab's new generation of cranes was presented in June last year, and was launched to immediate praise by an enthusiastic market. It is already now being sold to several machine manufacturers who are installing them in serial production on their machines.

Some of the most exciting new features are the possibilities of sensors and intelligent controls. In addition the new generation has an advanced lifting geometry, a new protected hose routing and a new brake solution between the crane tip and rotator. The market's needs have been central throughout the entire development process. Function, ergonomics and service accessibility have to be prioritised.

"We have several examples where the users consider the crane's good qualities to have been vital when making decisions on investment. And that importance is of course something that we feel even better about", concludes Micael Olsson.

Largest model with applicable design
The FC16 has all of the excellent properties featured in the new generation, with the addition of the increased capacity for larger machines. The FC16 comes as standard as a single telescopic crane, but it will also be available as a double telescopic crane and a 10 metre version.
The FC16 is used to best effect with Cranab grapples CR360HD, CR360HDX, CR400, CR400X or CR400HD.

First showing at KWF in Germany
The new giant FC16 will be officially premièred at the KWF exhibition in Germany between 13-16 June.
"As Germany is an important market it is even more enjoyable for us that the first showing will be at KWF. I know for sure that our cranes will be a big conversation piece", says Micael Olsson.

For further information, please contact:
Micael Olsson, Marketing Manager, Cranab: +46 933-144 10, +46 70-593 53 32
Fredrik Jonsson, CEO, Cranab: +46 933-135 01



Cranab's products, cranes and crane-tip equipment for professional mechanised forestry, have been designed, manufactured and sold since the early 60's. Slagkraft is our brand for the production of vegetation clearance machines for clearing bush and undergrowth along roadsides and  and power-line corridors. In addition to the Swedish home market, our products are sold to more than 30 countries worldwide.

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