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Komatsu Forest acquires Bracke Forest

Press release June 17th, 2022.

Komatsu Forest acquires Bracke Forest

Komatsu Forest AB (buyer), fully owned subsidiary of Komatsu Ltd. will acquire Bracke Forest AB from the current owner Cranab AB, part of Fassi Group. After strong consideration we have decided to agree with the buyer to sell Bracke Forest, which have been part of Cranab Group since 2013, to utilize the opportunity for the company to continue its growth. On the condition that all necessary procedures for closing are completed, the acquisition is planned to be completed by July 1st, 2022.

Komatsu Forest AB is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of forestry machines and have a strong focus to take active part in mechanization of silviculture operations, a business that we now see taking off globally.

Bracke Forest has been a leading player in the market for soil preparation equipment for forest regeneration in the northern hemisphere for decades and the company has developed well during the time owned by Cranab, part of Fassi Group. Last years the organization have focused to develop and verify products for mechanized planting of new forests, and it is now time to take these products to the market.

We are convinced that Bracke Forest will get the right opportunities to continue its growth with Komatsu Forest as owner from now and in the future. Main enablers to continue Bracke Forest growth will be to build distribution channels and provide strong customer focus and support. Komatsu Forest fulfill these criteria to provide these enablers, and therefore we are comfortable and proud to leave over Bracke Forest to new owner.

Anders Strömgren                                                   Giovanni Fassi
Chairman                                                                  Chairman
Bracke Forest AB                                                      Cranab AB

Bracke Forest
Name: Bracke Forest AB
Established: 1922
Headquarter: Bräcke, Sweden
CEO: Klas-Håkan Ljungberg
Major line of business: Development, manufacturer, and sales of application-specific attachments for use in silviculture processesURL:

Cranab AB develop, produce, and distribute cranes and attachments for mechanized forestry operations worldwide as well as clearance machines for roadside maintenance. Cranab is part of Fassi Group since 2013.


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Cranab AB är en del av Cranab Group som består av fyra ledande varumärken, Cranab, Slagkraft, Vimek och Bracke Forest. Cranab tillverkar kranar och gripare; Slagkraft gräs- och buskröjningsmaskiner; Vimek små skogsmaskiner; Bracke Forest tillverkar aggregat för markberedning, sådd och fällhuvuden för bioenergi. Cranab AB ägs av Fassi Group.