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D-Rail launching revolutionary lifesaving infrastructure monitoring service

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D-Rail launching revolutionary lifesaving infrastructure monitoring service

Multiple award-winning D-Rail is getting ready to launch their ground-breaking infrastructure monitoring service. The service will launch globally on February 12th 2019 and is expected to make railways safer around the world.

D-Rail has won multiple international awards for their innovative infrastructure monitoring service, such as the European transport innovation award 2017 and the UIC international union of railways digital award 2018, among others.

- We are now ready to really make a difference and to make railways safer around the world, says Christoffer Hamin, founder and CEO at D-Rail.

D-Rail offers complete AI solutions for real time monitoring of tracks, overhead electric, balises, switches and wheels – on any railway network. The solution provides real time everyday condition information to enable predictive maintenance.

- We are looking forward to meeting new customers on the global market, and to distribute our spot-on infrastructure data for predictive maintenance. After launching our service, we will be able to offer real time railway monitoring every day, says Christoffer Hamin.

D-Rail quickly and easily install their sensors on a few regular trains driving on the assets that the customer wants to survey. The monitoring service will then be up and running real time, online. Christoffer Hamin continues;

- Our service is fast and very easy to use. When our customers get access to accurate real time data of their railway network, it will be a groundbreaking paradigm shift for the railway industry. Our goal this whole time has been to help our customers save time and money, and most importantly, to save people’s lives.

D-Rail will launch their monitoring system on February 12 2019.


Real time railway infrastructure monitoring. From regular trains. Every day.


Christoffer Hamin

Christoffer Hamin

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