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Digient Ltd yesterday signed two consultancy agreement regarding sales & marketing services with two Swedish partners in order to strengthen Digient Ltd's position as a provider of internet based videoplatform applications on the Scandinavian markets. Through the agreements Digient Ltd has gained a market position regarding sales of customer applications of its products and services to the media sectors, mainly adversting and marketing companies but also TV production companies may come in question as possible customers.

We have seen an increased interest in our products and services since the launch of the beta version of The Ztage,, which we are currently using as a demo site for our products comments Peter Löhr and Jimmy Everum, responsible for sales in the Scandinavian region.

Any questions regarding the above can be forwarded to CTO Mr Antony fernandez, +46 735 120 555 or Mr Peter Löhr +46 735 01 51 55.

The Digient Team