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The Doconomy team at COP25 in Madrid
The Doconomy team at COP25 in Madrid

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Doconomy at COP25 in Madrid

Swedish fintech startup Doconomy representatives will be attending United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP25 in Madrid to discuss how climate action, for both individuals as businesses, can be accelerated through the combination of green nudging and smart technology.

Doconomy is invited as Climate Change Partner to The UNFCCC, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate change, as speaker at the conference. Co-founder and CEO Nathalie Green will participate in two different talks focusing on climate action on individual as well as corporate level.

Futhermore Doconomy, represented by co-founder and chairwoman Helena Mueller , will hold a key note speech in an event hosted by Standard & Poor’s; “Accelerating the Business and Investor Response to Climate Risk”.


Masse Benesch

Head of Communication

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Doconomy is scheduled to participate in the following events:

Saturday, December 7, at 2:00 – 4.30 pm, Accelerating the Business and Investor Response to Climate Risk

Organizer: Standard & Poor’s

Venue: Blue zone IFEMA Feria de Madrid (Invites only)

Doconomy speaker: Helena Mueller

Hear from industry practitioners, including investment management and private corporations, as they share perspectives on assessing risk, defining new opportunities and creating resilient transition strategies.

Monday, December 9, at 2:00 pm, Zero Hour: Citizen Mobilisation for Climate Action

Organizer: UNFCCC

Venue: Action Hub, IFEMA Feria de Madrid

Doconomy speaker: Helena Mueller

Listen to three leading organizations working to make everyday climate action by citizens interesting, easy, even profitable. From Korea and China to Sweden and Finland, learn how you can take every day climate action through gamified approaches and through your bank accounts and credit cards, for free and even for profit!

Tuesday, December 10, at 2:00 pm, Planet loyalty – new tools for climate action shaping new consumer behavior

Organizer: UNFCCC

Venue: Action Hub, IFEMA Feria de Madrid

Doconomy speaker: Nathalie Green

A cross cutting TED-style talk that entertains and enlightens around creating new forms of loyalty by solving the most pressing issues of our time: this event will highlight how thought leaders and cutting edge brands are connecting consumer behavior to actionable tools to create sustainable change and shape a new form of loyalty.

Tuesday, December 10, at 3:00 pm, Facebook live interview

Organizer: UNFCCC

Venue: UN Climate Change Pavillion, IFEMA Feria de Madrid

Doconomy participant: Nathalie Green


Om Doconomy

Doconomy AB som grundades 2018 är både en fintech-startup och en filosofi om hur människor kan använda sina pengar som ett verktyg för att motverka klimatförändring. Doconomys vision är möjliggörandet av en hållbar livsstil för alla, genom att erbjuda enkla banktjänster som kan förändra beteenden, hantera besparingar samt uppmuntra förändringar som leder till en hållbar konsumtion. Doconomy använder sig av Åland Index, som tagits fram av Ålandsbanken för att följa den påverkan som varje transaction har. 

Följ oss på Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook och Instagram för löpande uppdateringar via @doconomy 


Mathias Wikström

Mathias Wikström

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