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Become more efficient and inspired with the new iPhone app developed by Dohi Sweden.

Dohi Sweden AB has by request of MindApps developed the first Mindfulness application in Swedish, and soon to be released in English, for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. ”The Mindfulness App”, as the application is called, is the perfect tool for reducing stress, increasing your presence and awareness, and getting more out of living.

The application is perfectly suited for people who has never tried Mindfulness before as well as for the more experienced practitioner. Guided exercises in english, reminders and statistics showing personal development over time makes this the ultimate Mindfulness tool. Thanks to the mobile platform it's possible to do Mindfulness exercises anytime, anywhere. For example, on the buss, while waiting in line or when you just feel like finding balance and restoring energy.

Magnus Fridh, one of the Mindapps founders says: "We have studied meditation for a long time and the goal of our company is to develop a simple and available way for people to get started and maintaining a regular meditation training." Fridh continues: "By working with Dohi Sweden we have successfully combined modern technology with ancient wisdom in a smart way."

Dohi Sweden is an experienced producer of content and applications for mobile devices and for alternative platforms. The company has released several in-house productions, co-productions and applications for carefully selected clients. Important values when deciding on a new project is that it is challenging, creative and that the result brings something good in everyday life.

Rasmus Larsson, lead developer at Dohi Sweden says:  "It's awesome that we can further expand our portfolio of applications with something as unusual and creative as an app for meditation."

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Dohi Sweden AB is a digital creative agency within the audiovisual sector that produces advanced content. With a full development cycle from idea to launch and followup evaluation, on platforms such as PC, Mac, iOS, Android and other mobile units. The company was founded in 2009 and has quickly grown to 10 employees. The studio is placed in Umeå, the largest city in northern Sweden. The temperature varies between -30°C and +30°C while creativity thrives.


MindApps is run by Martin Wikfalk and Magnus Fridh, mindfulness and yoga teachers in Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga. The company develops tools that help people find a better balance in today's stressful life. Modern technology is used to bring us closer to our selves.


Emanuel Dohi

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