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Wärtsilä Corporation handed over the SEABIN donation to Donsö.
Wärtsilä Corporation handed over the SEABIN donation to Donsö.

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SEABIN donation

Today Wärtsilä Corporation handed over the SEABIN donation to Donsö, with the aim of supporting the environmental protection activities in the harbor of Donsö!

The Seabin Project was created by enterprising Australians to help address the huge global environmental challenge that plastic and other waste is causing to the oceans of the world. In 2017, Wärtsilä signed up – as the first big industrial company – to partner with the project.

The Seabin is a floating waste bin that is located in the water at boat marinas, docks, harbours, and other coastal areas where it can be regularly emptied and maintained. The Seabin is collecting all floating rubbish; water is sucked in from the surface and it passes through a catch bag filter inside the Seabin. The water is then pumped back to the sea, leaving the litter and debris trapped in the catch bag for proper disposal.

More information about the SEABIN project, please follow the link

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A unique event with shipping at heart. 

Donsö Shipping Meet started in 2009 and take place every other year on the island of Donsö, in the southern part of  the archipelago of Gothenburg, Sweden. Delegates from all over the world gather on the island of Donsö, eager to discuss  shipping and shipping-related topics. A meeting place for the entire maritime cluster, DSM is a lively, friendly event that provides a range of opportunities for making new connections. 

Next event, DSM2021, will take place in Sept 7-8, 2021. 
DSM2021 - Clean Ocean with Future in Sight.

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