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DreamHack and TwitchTV Announce Record-Breaking Online Viewership

1.5 Million Viewers tuned in for DreamHack Summer 2011 on TwitchTV, the world’s largest competitive video game broadcasting community

July 14, 2011 - San Francisco, CA – DreamHack, the world’s largest computer festival, and TwitchTV, the world’s largest competitive video game broadcasting community, today announced record-breaking viewer statistics for DreamHack Summer 2011.

“For the first time in the history of DreamHack we’re proud to announce detailed and accurate statistics from our broadcasts thanks to TwitchTV,” said Fredrik Nyström, press officer at DreamHack. “We’re thrilled about the mind-blowing results and are blown away by the growth and excitement around the event. It has truly become one of the most important events for the digital youth generation.”

Between June 18-21, DreamHack hosted their Summer 2011 event. 12,475 visitors and millions of fans followed the event online thanks to hundreds of community journalists, HD live-streams provided by TwitchTV, mainstream coverage by Swedish National Television, internet forums and social media.

“DreamHack is one of the world’s preeminent gaming events and we’re proud to be working with them,” said Emmett Shear, co-founder and CTO of, and general manager of TwitchTV. “These kinds of numbers are further proof that competitive video gaming has arrived, and that the ecosystem that surrounds it is a viable and growing industry. The viewership for this one event rivals that of major sporting events on broadcast television. We’re very excited to see this kind of engagement.”

DreamHack offered over 22 high definition competitive video gaming channels including StarCraft II, Bloodline Champions, and Counter-Strike, in addition to stage channels from DreamArena Extreme, the Day9 tent and the Main DreamHack stage. DreamHack together with sponsors and community partners produced around 400 hours of live-streamed video content during the three event days.

In total, over 3 million people watched DreamHack Summer 2011 when including all unofficial live streams by partners, exhibiting companies and the Swedish National Television broadcasting at SVT Play.

Concurrent viewers, average peak: 62,003
Concurrent viewers, highest peak: 179,446
Unique video views: 1,740,771
Absolute unique viewers: 1,494,026
Total Viewing Time (hours): 17,324 hours
Top-10 countries: United States, Sweden, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Canada, Denmark, Russian Federation, Poland, Norway



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