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Eskilstuna, a model for energy efficient cities!

This Monday May 20th, Eskilstuna hosts representatives from 18 different organisations from all over EU to start up an energy efficiency project. The project will contribute to the overall task to reduce energy use in Europe in the near future. Eskilstuna’s successful track record of energy efficiency and sustainable energy system development activities makes the city a model for other cities.

Eskilstuna Energy & Environment has, in tough competition from other organisations within the EU, been selected to lead a comprehensive energy efficiency project. The overall purposes of the project is to coordinate initiatives and develop a general model for energy efficiency planning, sharing energy efficiency recommendations based on Best Available Practices and identifying and coordinating further development and research needs. The project is expected to contribute to and increase the cost-efficiency of the EU efforts to achieve a reduction in energy use by 20% to year 2020.

In addition to Eskilstuna Energy and Environment, the project partners include Eskilstuna Municipality, Mälardalen University and another 15 cities and organisations in Europe.

The project, with an implementation period of 3 years and a budget of approximately 4 MEUR, will start with a kick off meeting in City Hall of Eskilstuna on Monday 20th, 2013. During consecutive days, the project will be discussed and planned in detail.

-  Among other strong features, Eskilstuna has been selected to participate in and to lead the project as a result of the city’s successful and concrete activities with energy saving and a holistic approach to energy system issues. Eskilstuna, together with the other cities participating, is considered as a role model for other European cities. The project will also significantly contribute with new knowledge and experience in Eskilstuna’s continued ambitious efforts to further streamline and minimise the use of energy in the city. This will directly benefit the customers of Eskilstuna Energy and Environment, says Adam Brännström CEO at Eskilstuna Energy and Environment.

The project is built on two unique elements;

1) collaboration between scientific excellence and innovative enterprises in the energy sector as well as ambitious and well-organized cities with important projects and successful results in the energy and environmental matters

2) the logical framework of the project where the key aspects through three different perspectives are elaborated – structures, behaviour and technology. They each implicate different strategies to save energy. The successful level, the energy smart city, will be achieved when measures from the three perspectives are taken in a good balance between each other.

By identifying the profiles of the cities as objects and subjects and by scanning and evaluating the best research results, the project will be well prepared to propose a model and action plans for implementation which will be disseminated in Europe through a well prepared communication plan.

Project organisations include;

Eskilstuna Energy and Environment

Eskilstuna Municipality

Mälardalen University

Stoke-on-Trent municipality

Vienna University of Technology

Delft University of Technology

Turku university of applied sciences

Tartu city

Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

University of Copenhagen

University of Ruse


Smart Technology Cluster

Santiago de Compostela municipality

University of Santiago de Compostela

City of Jyväskylä

University of Ljubljana

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Eskilstuna Energi och Miljö AB

If you have questions please contact:

Mikael Kullman, Internationell Strateg, Eskilstuna Energi och Miljö 072-253 11 12




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Richard Fröjdendal

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