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Enzymatica announces Fredrik Håkansson as its new CFO

Enzymatica announces the recruitment of Fredrik Håkansson as its new CFO, Fredrik will assume his position from 1st of December. Fredrik has extensive experience in finance and accounting and has held similar positions in several companies, most recently from Systemtext AB where he was CFO.

- Fredrik has just the right background and competency. As we establish ourselves in the market, and sales are growing there will also be greater demands on our commercial and financial competency. Here will Fredrik be an asset and strength, said Michael Edelborg Christensen, CEO of Enzymatica AB.

Fredrik Håkansson joins Enzymatica from a position as CFO at Systemtext AB. Previously; he has worked for many years as CFO for several affiliated business units within the Nolato Group amongst them the Medical business unit, as well as being an accountant at Ernst & Young. He has extensive experience in financial matters and strategic planning and implementation of business and IT. Fredrik has a master's degree in economics from the International Business School in Jönköping and an Executive MBA from the University of Lund.

- Enzymatica is in an exciting phase. There are big commercial opportunities with the upcoming launches, which I hope to help to take advantage of, and develop in the best way, says Fredrik Håkansson, new CFO in Enzymatica AB.

The recruitment is a further reinforcement of Enzymaticas business management in short time. The company has just recruited Mats Clarsund as EVP Research and Development.

For more information, contact:
Michael Edelborg Christensen, CEO Enzymatica AB (publ), 0768-14 41 66,

Fredrik Håkansson, CFO Enzymatica AB (publ), 0733-44 22 73


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About Enzymatica AB (publ)
Enzymatica AB (publ) is a publicly traded  biotechnology company focused on R&D, registration and marketing of medical devices based on a patented enzyme technology. Enzymatica uses the enzyme Penzyme®, a cold-adapted trypsin derived from deep-sea cod. The enzyme has unique features that make it super-active at about 37° C, which results in it being superior to break down disease-related proteins, counter infections by viruses and bacteria and promote healing processes. The ColdZyme® portfolio is represented in health food stores and para-pharmacies today, containing the predecessors of the brands that are now registered as medical devices for common cold and plaque related diseases.

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