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eSite Power Systems signed an agreement with Atlas Tower Kenya and received a first order

eSite Power Systems continues its expansion with new customers. This time is the South African tower infrastructure company Atlas Tower Kenya that has signed a delivery agreement. They have proceeded with a first order of the market leading system eSite x10.

The new sites will be rolled out in the network of a mobile operator in Kenya. The customer will be able to lower the operational costs, partly through the effective handling of energy flows, partly due to the very long product lifespan in eSite x10 that reduces the need for service.

“It is always a good feeling to be able to welcome new customers“, says Mattias Karlsson, CEO, eSite Power Systems. “Every new customer means in addition to good financial enhancements for the customer also a positive impact for the environment. eSite x10 and the optimized energy usage in the system, gives a reduction of CO2 emissions.”

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For additional information please contact:

Mattias Karlsson

CEO, eSite Power Systems

Phone: +46 (510) 427 000

Email: mattias.karlsson@esitepowerstems.com

About Atlas Tower Group:

Atlas Tower is an independent global Wireless Infrastructure company. Since 2007, we have been developing multi-use wireless infrastructure as a critical catalyst for improved wireless connectivity. Atlas has a diverse asset portfolio with site designs to fit strategically within a community’s land use plan. Our sites meet the complex network needs of the various Mobile Network Operators. Atlas is a company born from town planning and uses this experience to provide scalable infrastructure that will survive the test of time.

See https://atlastowers.com

About eSite Power Systems:

eSite Power Systems is a Swedish technology company specialising in telecom site power supply systems. With over 15 years of experience designing and manufacturing its award-winning eSite™ product, eSite Power Systems is a leader in its field and has pioneered the deployment of sustainable green power infrastructure across Africa and Asia.

eSite x10 is the world’s first power system purpose-built for telecom sites. Designed as a maintenance-free, ruggedized and sealed unit, eSite’s outdoor power supply system, passive cooling and protective semiconductor-controlled power source switching secure 24/7 performance in even the harshest of environments.

Intelligent power harvesting from any combination of solar, grid and genset makes eSite x10 the most versatile system on the market today. And its fully integrated eSite Tools remote management system captures all site data, enabling KPI reporting, alarm management and energy optimisation of eSite networks. eSite x10 is the future of telecom site power.

eSite Power Systems is headquartered in Sweden and has additional offices in Dubai, Nigeria and South Africa.

See www.esitepowersystems.com


Mattias Karlsson

Mattias Karlsson

Presskontakt Chief Executive Officer +46 76-648 88 17

Världens första kraftsystem byggt specifikt för telekomsiter

eSite Power Systems är ett svenskt teknologiföretag som är specialiserat på kraftförsörjningssystem för telekomsiter. Med över 15 års erfarenhet i att designa och bygga sin prisbelönta eSite™ lösning så är eSite Power Systems marknadsledande inom sitt område och har öppnat vägen för utrullning av hållbar grön energiinfrastruktur i Afrika och Asien.

eSite x10 är världens första kraftsystem byggt specifikt för telekomsiter. Designat till ett underhållsfritt, robust och helinkapslat system. eSite x10 är ett kraftförsörjningssystem för utomhus drift med passiv kylning och skyddande halvledarkontrollerad krafthantering som ger säker 24/7 drift även i de mest krävande miljöerna.

Intelligent kraftgenerering från fri kombination av sol, elnät och generator gör så att eSite x10 är den mest flexibla lösningen tillgänglig på marknaden idag. Det fullt integrerade eSite Tools ,fjärrstyrning- och rapporteringssystem, möjliggör åtkomst till all data från en site, rapportering av nyckeltal, larmhantering och energioptimering av nät med eSite.
eSite x10 är framtiden för kraftförsörjning på telekomsiter.

eSite Power Systems har huvudkontor i Sverige och kontor i Dubai, Nigeria och Sydafrika.


eSite Power Systems
Kinnegatan 15
531 32 Lidköping