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Turn your favorite magazines into wall art, with the new Magazine Wall Hanger

Find a nice magazine spread, clip it to the wall hanger, and hang it like a painting! The Magazine Wall Hanger makes it easy to revive everything from beautiful images, articles, poems, cooking recipes, and other gems that deserve attention.

"In magazines, there are often beautiful images and thoughtful texts that someone has put a lot of energy into creating. Why should this content only be seen once and then placed on the shelf or thrown away? I believe that in the future we will reuse products in several ways before they are too worn and must be recycled. "– Liam Saletti, inventor of the Magazine Wall Hanger

The Magazine Wall Hanger is a reaction to our consumerist way of living. We need to use less natural recourses and take care of what we already have. This product use magazines that are often just read once, and turn them into living wall art. It is called upcycling, to make old items that are ready to be thrown away into something more valuable and desired.

The journey of the Magazine Wall Hanger started in Switzerland during a Master of Design studies. Inspired by the movements of DIY, readymades, and adhocism, to prolong the use cycle of a product that would otherwise be trash. The master project Liam was working on at the time focused on how to turn used or broken furniture pieces into sellable one-off designs.

Two years later, with lots of prototypes, the Magazine Wall Hanger, as you see it today, was finished. A product that enables the user to buy a beautiful magazine in any store and hang it on the wall as an art piece. Easy to move and to change motive depending on the mood, tasting, and environment.

The design is environmentally friendly, with natural materials, minimal packaging, and recyclable parts.

The Original version now has a big brother, the Wide version. Find both sizes in the webshop at

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