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A fantastic lineup for Streaming Tech Sweden this year!

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A fantastic lineup for Streaming Tech Sweden this year!

The agenda and speaker lineup for Streaming Tech Sweden 2017 is now finalized. We are proud to present a packed program where we will cover the most relevant topics in the streaming tech community, such as low-latency streaming, server-side ad insertion, video codec situation and VR. 

We have speakers flying in from abroad such as Jai Krishnan from Google, Will Law from Akamai and our keynote speaker Jan Ozer, mixed with local Swedish speakers such as Lovisa Dahl from Greta.io, Fredrik Widlund from Swedish Television and Marcus Lindén from Bonnier Broadcasting. At this years conference, the moderator is Anders Erlandsson from Ericsson Consumer Lab.

"It is a great opportunity to meet and network with the streaming tech community here in Sweden and at the same time listen to educating and inspiring presentations. My goal is that everyone that attended this conference will have learned something new and added new connections to their personal network", says Jonas Birmé, main event organizer from Eyevinn Technology.

Jonas adds:

"We hope that the word of this event will be spread worldwide and show that Sweden is a leader in the global streaming tech community."

Jan Ozer will introduce the event with a keynote on the current status of the codec situation. Three years ago, most experts projected a smooth transition from H.264 to H.265, but that was interrupted by HEVC royalties, impressive performance by VP9, and the formation of the Alliance for Open Media. With AV1 set to launch around the time of Streaming Tech Sweden, streaming publishers have multiple codecs to consider, including H.264, HEVC, VP9, and AV1. Not to mention others, like V-Nova’s PERSEUS, Divideon’s xvc, and even RealNetwork’s RealMedia HD. Jan Ozer will try to bring some order to this chaos with the latest in cost, performance, and implementation details.

Anders Cedronius from Net Insight and Will Law from Akamai will talk about different aspects of latency in streaming. Marcus Lindén from Bonnier Broadcasting, David Springall from Yospace and Andy Jones from Adstream will share their view on current and future challenges with server-side ad insertion. 

The technical and financial challenges when building streaming solutions at scale will be covered by Fredrik Widlund from Swedish Television who has built their in-house CDN, John Håkansson and Markus Eskola from Fastly will present how a scalable live origin setup can be built and Lovisa Dahl from Greta.io is to talk about how they use machine learning to make real-time delivery-decisions in the client to optimize the end user experience.

When it comes to the HEVC versus AV1 topic, we have Jai Krishnan from Google who is to talk about AV1 from Alliance for Open Media, and Jonathan Samuelsson to guide us with latest news from the MPEG standardization efforts around HEVC.

Accedo's José Somolinos and Elena Malkhatka from VR Sci Group will share their experiences on the VR topic. Arash Pendari from Vion Labs will talk about the importance of metadata and how data can be used to create good user experience and reduce churn. Eyevinn Technology's Johan Skaneby will host a fireside chat with Carl Lindqvist from Bonnier Broadcasting on Quality based encoding.

"It is a combined team effort that we managed to get such a great agenda and lineup with speakers this year, and although we have doubled the amount of seats this year I think it will be sold out. I would recommend that if you plan to attend to secure your ticket as soon as possible", says Jonas

Tickets and more information about the event is available on the website www.streamingtech.se.

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Jonas Rydholm Birmé

Jonas Rydholm Birmé

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