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Swedish brand Copter present at the world’s largest motorsports event

Copter, a leading manufacturer of screen protection for mobile devices, has entered into a sponsorship agreement with Scuderia Corsa, Ferrari’s IndyCar team in the USA. This collaboration comes into place for the Indy500, one of the worlds largest motorsport events, taking place on the 26th May in Indianapolis.
– Copter’s tagline is “great protection”, and they develop innovative screen protection. A similar film is produced within racing for the visor, and we therefore have a shared interest here - that we need to protect in case of an accident, says Stefan ”Lill-Lövis” Johansson, Sporting Director at Scuderia Corsa.

Copter’s newly signed agreement with Scuderia Corsa coincides with the company launching a new ecosystem for screen protection. The partnership agreement is yet another part of the company’s investment in international expansion. Through this shared goal, to protect in case of an accident, Copter believed that Scuderia Corsa was a perfect partner. Stefan ”Lill-Lövis” Johansson has previously competed for many years within racing, and among other things, won the Le Mans and driven for the iconic Ferrari team in Formula 1. Stefan is now the Sporting Director at Scuderia Corsa, who have strong connections to Ferrari, in the American IndyCar series.
– Copter fits really well within racing as we share the same vision and goals. We are continuously developing new products to protect our drivers, says Stefan Johansson.

No more cracked screens
When Copter started 10 years ago, larger screens for mobile devices were just landing on the market. Now the use of larger screens has grown exponentially, and as a result, the demand for screen protection has rapidly increased. Something that has been missing from the market though is a technique to help apply the screen protectors – a must to ensure that the screen protection can deliver what it’s promised. Copter, in conjunction with a Swedish engineering team, have produced a unique machine that applies the screen protector with perfect precision.
– The machine guarantees perfect application every time, without dust particles and air bubbles, and centered correctly. We can easily guarantee the application of the screen protector sits exactly as it should, says Peter Körner.

Exoglass™ Applicator

The relaunch of Copter and their unique screen protection application machine are of course the most important parts of the company’s expansion, but Peter is also eagerly anticipating the sporting event in Indianapolis.

– This partnership is much bigger than just adding our logo to a car, this will help propel us internationally, concludes Peter Körner. 

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