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FUN Europe, Feminists United Network Europe, har nu en gemensam EU-valplattform!

Brussels, 12 April 2019

We now have a Feminist platform for the European elections!

Today FUN Europe, Feminists United Network Europe had a meeting in the European Parliament in Brussels and agreed on a common platform for the upcoming European Elections.

FUN Europe common EU electoral platform:

We, feminists, are mobilising because we see how nationalists and far-right movements are threatening our democracy, human rights and the rule of law. We are the leading resistance to these evil forces.

Feminist United Network Europe will stand up for and protect:

• Everyone’s right to feel safe - stop all violence, commodification and discrimination for each and everyone.

• Nature´s rights - stop climate change now.

• To practise peace - stop fascism, nationalism, right wing extremism and militarism.

• The right to abortion.

• The right to asylum - create safe routes to Europe for those in need

Roxana Marinescu, Romanian Society for Feminist Analyses: ”Solidarity among feminists in the EU and beyond is the key. We stand united for our common goals and with a coherent single- voice.”

Stina Svensson, Feminist Initiative Sweden: “We now have a Feminist platform for the European elections, we are a force to be reckoned with. Europe Needs Feminism now more than ever, we need to unite feminists, anti racists and human rights activists to create true sustainability for ourselves and the planet.”

If you agree that Europe Needs Feminism please sign and share this petition

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Feministiskt initiativ är en demokratirörelse. Vår ideologiska utgångspunkt är den antirasistiska feminismen. Med kärleken som drivkraft vill vi skapa ett jämställt samhälle där alla människor har samma rättigheter och möjligheter inom livets alla områden. Tillsammans vidgar vi demokratin med en genomgripande och sammanhängande politik mot alla former av diskriminering.



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