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The first feminist party in history stand in the European Parliament election 2009!

The Feminist Initiative will stand in the European Parliament election 2009, claiming that lack of gender equality and social reforms limit women's possibility of an economically self-supporting life. The Feminist Initiative make an international call today for support and start the new campaign!

- Kirsti Kolthoff now leaves her position as president of European Women's Lobby (EWL) and join The Feminist Initiative today. We can see a development where both Christian and Muslim fundamentalists nestle themselves into olitics, she says, and the consequences are reforms that limit women's freedoms and rights. A secular state form must be the basis for all constitutional work in the EU! In order to see changes happen I would like to see many feminists getting into the political power in EU so that these problems are taken seriously on the EU agenda! I take my responsibility.

- It's time for the European Parliament taking the question of gender equality to the top of the agenda, says Gudrun Schyman, spokesperson of Feminist Initiative. When women are forced to choose between children and work, many decide against children. A shrinking population is a growing problem in the EU. The solution is equality. What's needed are social reforms, modern family legislation, expanded preschool resources, and social elderly care.

In September 2006, Feminist Initiative stood in the election in Sweden with a lot of support and donations from Jane Fonda, Eve Ensler, Lillian Hall-French and Rada Boric among others.

- This time we have developed a feminist political action for an equal European Union, an action that put women and minorities rights and opportunities on top of the political agenda, says Gudrun Schyman. If a lot of people join our campaign and visit the website we can make it: Make herstory!

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Feministiskt initiativ är en demokratirörelse. Vår ideologiska utgångspunkt är den antirasistiska feminismen. Med kärleken som drivkraft vill vi skapa ett jämställt samhälle där alla människor har samma rättigheter och möjligheter inom livets alla områden. Tillsammans vidgar vi demokratin med en genomgripande och sammanhängande politik mot alla former av diskriminering.



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