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André Francois, ceo at Happy at Work in the middle together with Minel Aykut and Rasyad Yosof
André Francois, ceo at Happy at Work in the middle together with Minel Aykut and Rasyad Yosof

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Swedish-Hungarian startup Happy at Work selected in many criteria to Web Summit

Happy at Work was selected as a beta startup and among thousands of applicants to pitch at Web Summit, Europe's largest Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation Conference. Happy at Work came to Hungary and Budapest trough Design Terminal’s mentoring program in march of 2019 and since then they had managed to establish a reseller agreement with Develor International, won the BrainBar Blastoff Startup contest and opened an office.

“Budapest has already played an important role in our journey and we feel grateful for the support and help that we have received from organisations and companies in Budapest such as Design Terminal and Develor International. We are giving back by spreading the word about them and Budapest during conferences such as Web Summit. We are proud to call ourselves a Swedish-Hungarian startup.

The Web Summit, to be held in Lisbon next week, hosts thousands of participants every year including major organizations such as Google and Microsoft, and brings companies together from all over the world. During the conference, companies will have many occasions for business development, networking and financing. Start-up companies will have a chance to present their projects to participants from all over the world. In this aspect, the Web Summit provides a unique opportunity to meet different business leaders and investors, to establish new partnerships, to create a network with participants from various countries, and to get the chance to know many companies.

“For us this is a great opportunity to participate and be involved in” says André François, CEO at Happy at Work. “In addition to meeting new investors and developing our network, we will also have the opportunity to introduce our digital service to interesting companies. Our goal is to get as much exposure as possible. We are therefore excited to show some of the new features that we will be releasing.”

Happy at Work is a startup participation in the 2.5 year process of the business incubator of Kronoberg county in Sweden.

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Företagsfabriken i Kronoberg

The business incubator of Kronoberg county wich provice entrereneurs and innovatros a creative environment for growth. Företagsfabriken is located in Videum Science Park and offer companies a possibility of faster introduction on the market by being accepted to our process of incubation. The owners are Kronoberg County, Videum AB and Linnaeus University Development.



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