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gina tricot extends its partnership with  UNICEF Sweden and WWF

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gina tricot extends its partnership with UNICEF Sweden and WWF

The fashion company will continue to focus on sustainable initiatives and collaborations in 2023, and is now extending its partnerships with UNICEF Sweden and WWF. As a part of the global fashion scene, Gina Tricot is constantly looking for new ways to make the best use of resources and to minimise its climate impact. In addition to aiming to offer more sustainable products, the company also strives to have a positive impact on the actors who are part of or are affected by the business.

”We are very proud to continue our partnerships with both UNICEF Sweden and WWF, we have always had a good and close collaboration with our partners. Our joint work contributes to Gina Tricot taking steps in the right direction while we support our partners in their work. Together with our partners, we reach out in a way that really makes a difference.” says Ted Boman, CEO of Gina Tricot.

Since 2011, Gina Tricot partners with UNICEF Sweden to give children in Bangladesh greater opportunities to develop and thrive. We are proud to extend our contribution and partnership for two more years and to continue our much needed support. UNICEF is the United Nation’s children’s fund, and the world’s leading children’s rights organisation. The organisation drives change for children and young people every day, across the globe, protecting their rights and safeguarding their futures. Since Gina Tricot started to support UNICEF more than 400,000 children in Bangladesh have been reached within our programmes. For the next two years our support to UNICEF will focus on children aged 0-3 by strengthening day care centres in communities and workplaces in Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka.

”We are very happy that Gina Tricot will continue to support UNICEF’s important work for children in Bangladesh for another two years. Through our joint efforts we can have great impact improving children’s lives.’’ says Helene Brinkenfeldt, Director Corporate Partnerships and Philantrophy, UNICEF Sweden.

Being able to contribute to a better water environment is an important part of Gina Tricot’s sustainability efforts. In 2020 a collaboration and partnership with WWF in Sweden was initiated, with the aim of ensuring that Gina Tricot’s water strategy follows WWF’s model for Water Stewardship. During the course of the collaboration, the fashion company increased its water awareness and developed goals, strategy and action plan based on risks and opportunities to contribute to a better water environment. Now the partnership is being extended for another two years where Gina Tricot also will continue to support a water project in Büyük Menderes in Turkey, where local water issues linked to cotton cultivation and the textile value chain are dealt with. Within the parameters of the project, Gina Tricot will continue to work towards increasing knowledge internally and in the supply chain, as well as to minimise the risks related to water use in the value chain.

“The textile industry has a major impact on water resources. Through the partnership, we are working to improve water management in Gina Tricot’s operations and value chain, while pushing the industry at large towards more sustainable water management. In the coming period, we will develop the water work and also monitor the area of biodiversity - another key area that companies must deal with if they want to stay in business in the future,” says Elin Larsson, Head of Business and Finance at WWF Sweden.

”Both UNICEF Sweden and WWF are important partners for us at Gina Tricot as we are passionate about the same issues. That we at Gina Tricot can contribute to a better water environment together with WWF and support the children in Bangladesh, a country we have been active in for a long time, is very important to us. We look forward to continuing our joint work.” says Rebecca Watkins, Sustainability Manager at Gina Tricot.



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