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Gleechi announces published research supporting VR learning

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Gleechi announces published research supporting VR learning

Gleechi AB, an award-winning leader in Virtual Reality, today announced the general availability of research into aspects of VR learning performed together with RISE Research Institutes of Sweden.

The joint publication contrasts the enactment effect of performing tasks in a VR environment with real-world and verbal scenarios. The research evaluates the subjects memory performance when recalling objects involved in the tasks.

The research shows that the enactment effect of carrying out tasks in VR outperforms verbal instructions and equals real-world training. VR training shows an improvement in enactment performance when repeating tasks, attributed to being able to provide a consistent environment.

The research concludes that enabling participants to perform tasks, rather than watching an instructor, provides better recall performance.

“The research performed together with RISE, asserts our beliefs that VR training is a valuable and proven tool for better learning. VR training provides the same level of performance as real-world training while minimising travel and business disruption and addressing the practical issues in providing real-world training. VR training participants can learn and practice anywhere in a safe and consistent environment.”
Jakob Way, CEO, Gleechi.

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The Gleechi Virtual Reality training platform uses VirtualGrasp™ technology to provide natural interaction within virtual environments. Natural interaction gives participants the freedom to learn-by-doing, safely developing and practising new skills with the confidence to apply them to real-world operations and procedures. Companies using the Gleechi VR training platform are able to radically reduce travel and training costs and minimise business disruption while improving safety and efficiency.

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