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Gleechi announces remote collaborative training in Virtual Reality.

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Gleechi announces remote collaborative training in Virtual Reality.

Gleechi AB, an award-winning leader in Virtual Reality training, today announced CollaboVR - an innovative software solution to provide remote collaborative training within VR. CollaboVR has been developed through partnership with Siemens and Atos, enabling global enterprises to transform their workforce through better training.

CollaboVR enables team members to remotely interact and train together within VR. Together with Gleechi’s VirtualGrasp™ technology, participants can interact naturally within virtual environments, with the freedom to use objects such as tools to safely learn and practice operational processes and procedures.

“CollaboVR is an exciting evolution of the Gleechi VR training platform and an important milestone in enabling more people to experience VR-based training. The close collaboration with Siemens and Atos has brought invaluable domain knowledge and enterprise-readiness that will enable Gleechi to broaden access to VR training.”
Jakob Way, CEO and Founder, Gleechi.

VR-based training is proven to increase efficiency and on-site safety by more than 15% through more immersive learning experiences that encourage learn-by-doing. By bringing teams together to train, CollaboVR is democratising VR as a valuable and proven training tool that can eliminate the cost and business disruption of traditional training.

“From our experience, we found that VR training is an extremely powerful tool for capturing and conveying knowledge about complex tasks in a scalable and effective manner. Here, Collaboration and intuitive interaction are key features required for successful VR training solutions. Jointly with our partners Gleechi and Atos, we will be able to advance the state of the art in all of these aspects and to create a novel application that can prove immediate value to a wide range of potential users – including Siemens internal training.”
Andreas Hutter, Head of Image Processing and Visualization Research Group, Siemens.

“During the last years, Atos created a research line on Immersive & Interactive Media, applying interactive technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR) to different areas such as educational, cultural or industrial among others. Within this collaboration, Atos has the opportunity to develop its assets in a commercial product and provide a novel multi-user interaction software application for VR to its clients, positioning as itself as a key actor in the AR/VR markets for different verticals, and especially for those related to Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing.”
Francesco D’Andria, Head of Media Unit, Atos.



The Gleechi Virtual Reality training platform uses VirtualGrasp™ technology to provide natural interaction within virtual environments. Natural interaction gives participants the freedom to learn-by-doing, safely developing and practising new skills with the confidence to apply them to real-world operations and procedures. Companies using the Gleechi VR training platform are able to radically reduce travel and training costs and minimise business disruption while improving safety and efficiency.

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