Goalplan partners with Oriflame India
Goalplan partners with Oriflame India

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Goalplan partners with Oriflame in its strategic market India

Oriflame India has understood the challenges that come with having a large and geographically dispersed sales organization. Large organizations, such as Oriflame, face challenges with collecting data in real-time and packaging that data to make it comprehensible for the entire organization – which is critical if you aim to have an agile and proactive organization. Furthermore, it is not unusual for communication channels to be unclear, and reporting suffers as a consequence of a mismatch in the unified objectives, goals, and targets. 

These are challenges that Oriflame India and Goalplan will act on - and solve – together.

“Digital solutions have been the core at Oriflame not only for our consultants and consumers but also for our employees. We are very excited to partner with Goalplan to launch this app for our sales team, which will result in effective communication and boost them to achieve even higher goals.”

Frederic Widell, VP and Head of South Asia and MD Oriflame India

“With Goalplan, we will be able to facilitate more effective communication, to and fro, with our widely spread sales team. With all the data that is accessible in the app, users and their managers will be able to gain timely insights that previously would have been hard to uncover or delayed. As a result, they will be able to adjust their daily approach/plan in real-time to achieve individual and company targets. Real-time data analysis, Geo-Tagging, video/audio/text messaging are quite useful features for instantaneous interactivity between different team members. We are very excited about the opportunities this solution will bring us.”

Navneet Sota, Director-IT, Oriflame South Asia

“The fact that Oriflame India has chosen Goalplan as their tool to help them effectively manage their sales organization is yet another very strong indicator of the improved efficiencies our solution provides on a daily basis. It proves that we have a tool that companies can rely on as they seek to align the performance across the entire organization, top to bottom, as well as geographically.”

Henrik Troselius, Founder and CEO, Goalplan

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Goalplan is the Sales Performance Management software that combines Visibility, Accountability, Engagement, and Execution into a single software toolset, available in App Store, Google Play, and web browsers.

Whether you are a CEO on the go, a Team Leader managing sales staff, or a Sales Representative meeting people and closing deals, Goalplan is designed for you.

Efficiently and effectively manage KPIs, Budgets, Coaching, Training, Sales Competitions, Task management, Well-being and more throughout your entire organization.


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