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Sales of products containing stevia has risen sharply among Swedish consumers

Swedish consumers have significantly increased the regular purchases of products containing stevia in the past year. This according to a fresh survey* that The Real Stevia Company has commissioned from the research institute Novus, conducted among the Swedish general public. Today 31% responded that they have repeatedly purchased a product containing steviol glycosides as compared to 14% in 2015. Overall, four out of ten Swedes are aware that they have purchased a product containing steviol glycosides.

We put great importance on knowing consumer’s awareness and sales with stevia/steviol glycosides. It is very encouraging to learn that there has been such a large increase in repeated purchases. Stevia has now been approved in the EU for nearly five years and we see that it is now well established as a sweetener among producers which has resulted in greater variety of products to consumers who have long demanded it, says Sophia Horn af Rantzien, Managing Director of The Real Stevia Company

Seven out of ten consumers (68%) indicate in the survey that they know about stevia/steviol glycosides with the highest level of knowledge found among women, young people (18-29yrs) and those living in Stockholm. In a follow-up question to the group who are more familiar with stevia – to investigate the level of specific knowledge regarding steviol glycosides – three out of four (75%) answered that “steviol glycosides is a natural sweetener which is extracted from a plant” while few were aware of it as the food additive label E960.

Product labeling is a constant debate within the EU and especially when it comes to stevia extracts. Consumers want transparency since they want to know what they digest. Generally, consumers call stevia extracts ‘stevia’ instead of steviol glycosides or E960 as food authorities label it. While we are not surprised that few would know what E960 means, it does make us happy to see such great awareness among consumers concerning steviol glycosides! Swedish consumers are traditionally very knowledgeable and it is reassuring to see more complex labels such as steviol glycosides are no significant challenge among those knowledgeable about various sweeteners, says Sophia Horn af Rantzien, Managing Director of The Real Stevia Company

More facts from the survey:

82% of those who are aware of stevia has at one time bought a stevia product
Stevia is the second most well-known sweetener on the market after aspartame

*About the survey
The survey, which is now the third in a row since 2014, was conducted by Novus on behalf of The Real Stevia Company during the period from 20 to 26 of October 2016. The target groups for the survey was the Swedish public between 18 to 79 years old. The result is nationally representative.


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Granular is a Swedish food company that produces, markets and sells stevia leaves and stevia extracts to the global food industry. Our vision is a world where people can choose sustainably sweetened products without health implications. The Real Stevia Company has control over the entire supply chain and collaborates with farmers in Paraguay and other countries where the stevia plant is grown. The company provides a socially and environmentally sustainable product helping to raise farmers’ living standards while meeting the quality and safety requirements of the European food industry.



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