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Breakthrough - Graphmatech and Add North 3D enables 3D-printed circuits and sensors with Aros Graphene®

A breakthrough in a collaboration between two innovative material technology startupsGraphmatech and Add North 3D has developed novel conductive Aros Graphene®-based filaments for 3D printing. This is possible with Graphmatech’s patented technology and material Aros Graphene®, which is easy to disperse in polymers. This opens up for many new different 3D-printing applications such as thermal management components, circuit boards and efficient electromagnetic and radiofrequency shielding.

The recently developed 3D-printing technology of the ultra-conductive material Aros Graphene® could revolutionize the way we use additive manufacturing and 3D-printers. With the new technology it is possible to tailor make the exact level of conductivity of the filament which opens up for a wide range of new possible applications that’s never been possible with 3D-printing before. The conductive filament can for example be used to print thermal management components, circuit boards, EMI/RF shields, sensors and other items for IoT applications etc.

The new filaments will now be optimized and go through beta testing with a reference group before it is expected to reach the market in 6-12 month.

Add North 3D is a Swedish 3D materials developer specialized in FDM materials. From its start in 2016, the focus has been on sustainable plastic solutions as consumables and the development of new materials, like its latest portfolio addition add:architect – a new matte material for architects and designers. Add North 3D is also involved in development projects financed by the Swedish Innovation Authority, for example an establishment of a new process for making 3D-printable PLA purely on side-streams from the Swedish forest industry. Add North 3D is now about to launch its international expansion, with Aros Graphene®-filament as one of the corner stones.

Graphmatech was founded in August of 2017 by materials scientist Dr. Mamoun Taher and serial entrepreneur Björn Lindh. The company is a part of the InnoEnergy Highway - Europe’s leading business accelerator specializing in sustainable energy - as well as to the ABB innovation growth hub, SynerLeap, and has received initial financing from Swedish Innovation Agency as well as the Swedish Energy Agency.

Graphmatech has recently developed a scalble and cost-efficient process for coating polymer granular and powder with Aros Graphene ® for obtaining high-quality dispersion. The process is considered as a compounding step before extruding filaments. The developed process can be also used for coating polymer granular/powder with many other types of additives.

More information, pictures and data regarding Graphmatech can be found at www.graphmatech.comand

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GraphMatech is a Swedish materials technology startup company that invents, develops and sells novel Graphene-based nanocomposites materials and services. We are on a mission to deliver truly world-changing graphene hybrid materials that have the potential to make the world a better place.


Dr Mamoun Taher

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