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The History of Great Place to Work

The Great Place to Work® Institute was founded by best-selling author Robert Levering and Professor of Organizational Development, Amy Lyman, Ph.D., in collaboration with a team of professional organizational and management consultants.

The team came together in 1991 to transform the research initiated by Robert Levering and Milton Moskowitz for their best-selling book The 100 Best Companies to Work for in America (1984, 1994) into a simple methodology that could be widely used to understand and assess organizations.  The Trust Model© and Trust Index©, an employee survey, became the cornerstone of the research and consulting services the Institute would provide.

The notion of becoming a great place to work was quickly recognized by leaders in a variety of industries, including government and education, as a chief means to improve their workplace environment and, in doing so, their public image and financial performance.  As this idea gained preeminence in the US business community, the great place to work movement went global, as did the Institute, establishing the first overseas affiliate in Brazil in 1995 and in Korea the following year.

Great Place to Work® Institute now provides Trust Assessments and produces Best Companies to Work For lists in over 40 countries around the world, surveying over 1.5 million employees annually and working with thousands of companies to transform their workplace cultures.



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