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Pexapark, Bitbloom join Greenbyte Marketplace to drive forward post-subsidy software innovation

Greenbyte brings online new Energy Sales Reporting and Actionable Insights ‘add-ons’ that prepare users for merchant-based pricing and more targeted O&M decision making.

Gothenburg, 8th July 2020 – Greenbyte, a developer and enabler of smart data software to drive productivity in renewables, has further expanded the growing Marketplace of proprietary and third-party add-ons for its cloud-based monitoring and asset management platform. In recent weeks, Greenbyte has brought online two new tools that prepare users for the evolving demands of post-subsidy wind and solar asset operation.

Greenbyte’s Marketplace was launched in November 2019 to accelerate renewable energy software innovation by opening up the Greenbyte platform to third-party developers of smart asset management and performance optimisation tools. Over the past 8 months, this unique initiative has led to the launch of no fewer than 18 new applications for Greenbyte users meeting key objectives from accurate resource forecasting to predictive maintenance, performance benchmarking, data quality management and asset life extension.

Joining this growing community, Pexapark, a leader in software and advisory services for renewable energy sales, now offers its unique power pricing data to Greenbyte users through a new ‘Energy Sales Reporting’ tool which draws an accurate link between energy generation and revenue generated. Greenbyte has also worked with wind energy data analytics specialist, Bitbloom, on the launch of ‘Actionable Insights as a Service (AIaaS)’, an add-on that provides deeper and more specific analysis on wind farm health and optimisation than generated through automated 2nd layer SCADA systems alone.

While they fulfil very different technical aims, both of these tools meet challenges that have come to the fore in recent months and will only grow in prominence heading into the post-subsidy phase of global renewables operation.

Significant price volatility has underscored the need for asset and portfolio owners to keep track of daily revenues, and better understand how actual performance correlates with returns from energy sales. Simultaneously, with new limitations placed on operations and maintenance (O&M) activity, specific ‘actionable’ insights into asset health and performance are increasingly vital for supporting the marginal gains needed to ensure profitability.

Pexapark’s Energy Sales Reporting tool, and Greenbyte’s AIaaS add-on, delivered by Bitbloom, both integrate directly with the Greenbyte datahub, which acts as a single point of access for all critical performance and productivity data from across renewable energy portfolios. Greenbyte is now used to monitor over 30 GW of renewable energy assets worldwide and, through its Marketplace, offers unique opportunities for collaboration between software and data providers.

“The global renewables market has not only survived, but flourished, amid the unprecedented market conditions created by Covid-19 and the oil price crisis – but that’s not to say there aren’t huge challenges to overcome,” said Jonas Corné, CEO, Greenbyte.

“Digital monitoring and asset management systems have played a large role in keeping assets up and running during this period and it’s clear that the pace of investment in software must increase further if we’re going to survive the transition into the post-subsidy world.”

“This isn’t the task of one company alone. The market must recognise that there is no perfect, one-size fits all asset management system, and it is only by opening doors to cooperation and collaboration that we will be able to catalyse the innovations that will add most value to portfolio owners and keep the industry resilient for the years to come. It’s a pleasure to work with forward-thinking businesses like Pexapark and Bitbloom who share this ethos.”

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Greenbyte is a developer and enabler of smart data software to drive productivity in renewables.

Greenbyte has set out to create the most open, versatile and user-friendly asset management platform available to renewable energy stakeholders worldwide.

Greenbyte pulls data from all renewable energy technologies and data sources into one place, empowering portfolio owners, and their asset managers, to make truly informed decisions.

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