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Svevind Solutions AB adopts Greenbyte platform to boost asset management capabilities

Swedish asset manager Svevind Solutions, part of the Svevind Group, chooses Greenbyte’s future-proof software to support rapid rollout of advanced optimization and maintenance offerings. Svevind Solutions is an asset management company focused on the wind industry in the Nordic region, providing fully-integrated management services for both investors and wind farm owners.

Umeå, 22 October 2019 – Asset manager Svevind Solutions, a subsidiary of Swedish wind energy developer Svevind, has selected Greenbyte platform to drive productivity across an expanding operational fleet, and a growing portfolio of third-party wind assets.

Greenbyte’s smart asset management and monitoring software will offer Svevind Solutions the flexibility to effectively oversee the operations and maintenance (O&M) of some of the largest wind farms in the world, and develop innovative new techniques for optimizing cold climate performance. Appetite for wind energy development in Sweden has risen in recent years, driven by the arrival of major corporates, such as Google, Facebook and Amazon, seeking to offset their carbon footprint, and a wider pool of international institutional investors. The Swedish market is consequently adopting pioneering approaches to both the development and asset management of large-scale, post-subsidy wind farms.

Svevind Solutions’ parent company, Svevind, has been heavily involved in the development of these new large-scale sites, including the 4GW Markbygden project in Northern Sweden. The project, set to be the largest in Europe when completed, covers an area over 450km2 and consists of 1101 turbines which will provide 6.6% of Sweden’s total energy production.

With its ability to pull all turbine and site data into one place, Greenbyte platform offers a comprehensive datahub that allows effective monitoring of large turbine fleets and wind farm portfolios. Svevind Solutions chose to pilot the platform across two of its projects over the summer and, following this successful trial, plans to continue the rollout across its operational sites, alongside its portfolio of third-party assets under management.

The platform, which is designed to evolve over time to encompass the latest technical advances in asset management, will also enable Svevind Solutions to continue developing new advanced tools for its customers – particularly in the area of cold climate turbine optimization.

Patrik Lindvall, Director of Sales at Greenbyte, said: “With the development of larger wind energy projects – and continuous innovation in performance optimization techniques - Greenbyte platform offers a future proof software platform for wind energy portfolio owners and asset managers in Sweden and further afield looking for a more effective route to driving value for investors.”

“We’re looking forward to working with Svevind Solutions as they continue to expand and evolve their advanced asset management offering for the Nordic wind energy markets.”

Per Olofsson, CEO at Svevind Solutions, said: “Working with Greenbyte enables us to deliver the highest standards of asset management support not only at Svevind sites, but across all of our clients’ projects, and will ensure that we continue to lead the market in cold climate performance optimization. With our portfolio of projects in development and under management continuing to grow, we need an open platform that can scale with us.”

About Svevind

Svevind is a privately-owned leading developer, owner, and operator of onshore wind projects in Scandinavia. Founded in 1998, Svevind has a track record of permitting approximately 3,600 MW of wind projects in Sweden, of which 228 MW are in operation and further 1,700 MW are under construction. After selling project rights for up to 1,300 MW in 2015 and achieving financial close of the 650 MW wind farm Markbygden Ett in November 2017, Önusberget Vind is the third major transaction by Svevind out of the Markbygden 1101 cluster.


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