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New gloves from Guide developed to provide a good grip in rain and cold conditions

Autumn is here and with it comes cold and rain - conditions that can cause trouble for those working outdoors. In order to make the day's work more pleasant Guide has now developed a new range of working gloves that are both wind and waterproof, and that at the same time provide a good grip. The new collection features a patented membrane technology: OutDry, that Guide is unique in providing in Europe. 

When the weather conditions are at their toughest it is important to have working gloves that are adapted to suit the weather. Guide is the first manufacturer in Europe to use OutDry within the field of working gloves. What separates Guide OutDry from other working gloves is, amongst other features, the patented laminating technology, which makes the gloves both wind and waterproof. The membrane is laminated directly onto the inside of the glove's exterior material, ensuring that any possible leakage points - for example along seams - are properly sealed.

-  Working outdoors at this time of year places high demands on the gloves. Guide OutDry keeps the hands fully dry and comfortably warm, without you losing your grip. "You ought to be able to carry out your work quickly and safely, even in extreme weather conditions", says Roger Rasmussen, Brand Manager for Guide.

Characteristic for the Guide OutDry range is also that the glove's outer material and lining sit together, which is a difference compared to traditional membrane gloves. Thereby avoiding water collecting between the material layers - something that both cools down the hand and causes a worsened grip. Another important advantage with Guide OutDry is that the lining always sits fast and does not bulge when pulling the glove on or off.

-  Guide OutDry is designed not to allow the hand to slide inside the glove, which gives an extremely good grip. "And a good grip can directly be a matter of life and death in risky tasks in extreme conditions", concludes Roger Rasmussen.

The gloves will be available through building and industrial retailers and dealers from October. To begin with, two models will be introduced; one with a thin lining, Guide 18 OutDry, and Guide 14W OutDry, with a thicker lining for colder days. 

To read more about the collection and see video clips with Guide OutDry being used in real-life tough working conditions, visit

For more information please contact:
Roger Rasmussen, Brand Manager, Guide
Telephone: +46 321 67 73 70


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