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GWS launches CareFindy during Rio Olympics to help travelers locate the best emergency care

Global Warning System (GWS) announced in January this year the planned launch of a smartphone app containing a database with quality rated hospitals all over the world. The new service, CareFindy, is first launched as part of the updated Olympic Safeture service of GWS. It provides precise information and navigation on a map that guides users to the best and nearest location for emergency treatment.

GWS’ Safeture service concept is a personal travel security service, which provides critical information directly in the traveler’s smartphone. It delivers important information and alerts in real time about the actual location, giving service and safety while traveling. GWS has released a new version of Safeture with updated content for the games in Rio.

Researchers at the University of Lund in Sweden have spent the past 3 years mapping the emergency structure of individual hospitals worldwide, and will now share their findings through the new service CareFindy for worldwide travelers. CareFindy provides online GPS routing to the nearest appropriate hospital during a medical emergency situation, such as for example a car accident, a natural disaster or a terrorist attack, based on the user’s location. It will be launched in conjunction with the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro as a part of the GWS Safeture service. Developers of the app have designed features that will function well in emergency situations. CareFindy provides very precise information and navigation on a map that guides users to the best and nearest location for emergency treatment, and it calculates the distance between the current location of the user and the location of the nearest appropriate health care center, using a position-based routing formula.

Andreas Rodman, CEO of GWS, explains how the CareFindy service fills important needs for travelers:

“Until now, there has not existed easily accessible information about quality rated hospitals except for data in limited registers, which makes it difficult for travelers to find the best treatment. Hospitals that meet certain quality criteria show less complications and lower mortality in connection with severe injuries. Mortality can be lowered with 15 – 25%. So, it is not only about getting emergency treatment, it is also about getting to the right hospital for treatment. We are here to save lives, and this is an important service that we want to offer to improve security for people when traveling.”

The CareFindy system and app is launched by the GWS subsidiary CareFindy AB. Lovisa Svensson, CEO at CareFindy, comments on the launch of the service:

”I am proud of the fact that we via CareFindy can make important knowledge available and useful for a lot of people in an easy way. It’s only then we can make a real difference. It is also very satisfying to be able to launch according to plan in connection with the inauguration of the Olympics.”


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About GWS Production AB and Safeture

GWS, Global Warning System, was founded in 2009, triggered by the experience with a global SARS epidemic, the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and the Mumbai terror attacks. The company offers a mobile device based, personal security service Safeture, in order to protect the traveler by real-time tracking and providing valuable real-time information about disasters and other threats that could impact on the traveler. The system consists of a range of services that are delivered via the traveler’s mobile phone and is provided to both businesses – Safeture Pro, and to private individuals – Safeture.

The GWS share is listed on NASDAQ First North Stockholm. Sedermera Fondkommission is the Certified Adviser.

About CareFindy AB and CareFindy

CareFindy AB is a subsidiary of GWS Production AB. The CareFindy application provides precise information and navigation on a map that guides users to the best and nearest location for emergency treatment.

For additional information, visit or contact GWS’ CEO Andreas Rodman, +46 (0) 708 - 10 13 16, e-mail:

This is an English version of a press release communicated by GWS Production AB. In any case of doubt or possible differences regarding the different versions it is the Swedish version that shall apply.


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