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Welcome to Halmstad

The most famous beach is Tylösand, whith as many as 40,000 guests on a sunny summer day. Halmstad is a lively municipality, throughout the year. The favourable location on the west coast allows business to develop, tourism to thrive and inhabitants to enjoy life and multiply in numbers. Halmstad is currently theSweden’s 18th largest municipality with around 91,000 inhabitants. Over the past 50 years Halmstad has been one of the most expansive municipalities.


Experiences for everybody

Strolling around the centre of Halmstad or Tylösand after the sunset is like walking into continentalEurope. A touch of friendly charm lives on from the days when Halmstad were a part ofDenmark. The abundant nightlife, with bars and restaurants, pubs, discos, dance restaurants and open-air dance floors, contributes to why Halmstad is one ofSweden’s most popular resorts. Don´t forget that Per Gessle and Roxette come from Halmstad!

                                                                                                             The beach Tylösand in Halmstad

Theatre, music and conserts

Throughout the year you may meet and enjoy famous artists in Halmstad. Many of them on the stages of Halmstad Theater and Halmstad Arena. There are many local performers within most music genres. Several festivals and concerts take place during the year. Come to Halmstad and be a part of it are lively culture!


Arts and museums

There are several galleries and museums in Halmstad, includingSweden’s largest gallery. The city library, which has received many awards for its unique architecture, is one of Halmstad’s most visited locations. Mjellby art museum, west of the city centre, is the home of Halmstadgruppen. The group’s surrealist works are on permanent display in the museum.



Sport is important to Halmstad. The city provides many opportunities to watch and participate sport. Football, handball and table tennis are just a few of the sports that Halmstad’s sportsmen and women excel in. Halmstad Arena opened in the beginning of 2010 and is a multi-purpose arena with major potential. It has areas for a wide range of sports. Outside Halmstad Arena, the newly opened skateboard Plaza offers Sweden´s biggest bowl. Halmstad is Sweden’s golfing capital with 183 holes divided between thirteen courses.

Halmstad municipality stretches from the long beaches on the west coast, inland to quiet waterways that border the forests of Småland. Halmstad municipality borders Falkenberg municipality in the north and Laholm municipality in the south and is located in the County of Halland.

Trade and industry

The municipal council and county council are Halmstad’s biggest employers. Trade and tourism are also major sectors. Other major employers include the Armed Forces,HalmstadUniversityand companies like Albany Nordiska Filt and Getinge Sterilisation. Trade and industry in Halmstad is varied and is increasing with many small and mid-sized companies. Halmstad also has one ofSweden’s biggest ports for timber export and a renowned university with 11,500 students learning everything from development engineers to advances economics.


For more information please contact

Christian Johannesson, Head of Communication Halmstad & Co AB

phone 076-7842795, christian.johannesson@halmstad.se




Destination Halmstad ska stimulera företagande, skapa tillväxt och stärka destinationens varumärke. I samarbete med näringslivet och övriga intressenter verkar vi aktivt för utvecklingen av hela Halmstads kommun med fokus på besöksnäring, turism, möten och evenemang. Bolaget arbetar inom tre områden: Turistservice, Halmstads Teater samt Evenemang och möten där Halmstad Convention Bureau ingår. Tillsammans skapar vi tillfällen att älska Halmstad!

Destination Halmstad är en del av Halmstads kommun.


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Marcus Andréasson

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