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Now available - Flexible NMR Tube Filling  with Tips and Needles

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Now available - Flexible NMR Tube Filling with Tips and Needles

Compound verification and protein-ligand interactions identification and validations are common methods in pharmaceutical research, performed using NMR spectroscopy. Many new screening techniques to increase sensitivity have been developed in the last few years, but the filling of tubes is still one of the bottlenecks because it is mainly done by single-channel instruments and instruments which require extensive washing of needles; often with deuterated solvents. Both cases directly affect the time required to fill 96 NMR tubes.

Hamilton has developed a system, based on a Hamilton STARlet, utilizing both disposable tips and washable needles for the filling of NMR tubes, and also streamlines the washing process of the needles in a way that the system can work without interruption during the cleaning procedure.

  •  Aspiration monitoring including clot detection
  •  No carry-over by using disposable tips and washable and dry-able needles
  •  Usage of non-deuterated washing solutions
  •  Secured storage of volatile and moisture-sensitive reagents

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