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GeekGirlMeetup Aims for the Stars

Geek Girl Meetup - Enter.Space from h3idi on Vimeo.

GeekGirlMeetup gathers 250 ladies to talk about data, code, and startups on the 25+26th of May in Stockholm, Sweden. The theme for 2013 is,  and we will explore galaxies, Sci-fi, games, astronomi, satellites, space-quiz, coding/developing, design, innovations, tech-development and robots.
Some of the speakers are Cecilia Hertz, CEO at Umbilical Design who shares a talk on collaborations with NASA and the european space-organisation ESA. Carolina Gomez Lagerlöf from Patentverket (Agency for patents) dives into patents in the intersection between space-research and science-fiction and Tess Lindberg tells the storie about Jerrie Cobb that could have been - and should have been, the first lady in space. A steady supply of web, code and startup talk will also fill the three halls of the un-conferance.
"GeekGirlMeetup is a fantastic event that creates conditions for elevating the female role-models that exist in the IT-industry. For us it's been a necessity to support the event, and we are proud to have been there from the very beginning." 

- Christer Bengtsson, Market assistant, Webbhotell

"GeekGirlMeetup is a fantastic event that really contributes to the entire IT industries development. When you gather that many female role-models in web, code and startups in one place it creates greatness and for us it feels like a necessity to support this initiative. - Michael Holmström, Business Area Manager,

About GeekGirlMeetup
Geek Girl Meetup is an un-conference for ladies interested in web, code , technology and innovation. With focus on participatory collaboration, many participants contribute to the conference with their skills in speaking about web, code and startups, moderate, photograph, tweet, live-stream, project-manage or program. 

Since founders Heidi Harman and Andie Nordgren started GeekGirlMeetup soon five years ago, the network has grown and collected female geeks in Sweden, but also Copenhagen, Mexico, London, Hongkong, Mexico, och Oxford.

GeekGirlMeetup aims to strengthen women's innovation force by elevating, supporting role-models within technology and entrepreneurship and creating and enabling aktive knowledge sharing with new networks, meeting arenas and recourses.

Geek Girl Meetup at Tekniska museet
25-26 maj 2013, 10:00- 17:00 (registration starts at ten, conf at 11)
Venue: Tekniska museet, Museivägen 7 Stockholm


Parts of the conferance will be livestreamed online. Follow Geek Girl Meetup on Twitter and at the hashtag #GGM13. For more information:

Tekniska Museet (Stockholm Science Museum) aims to grow the publics and especially youngsters interest for technology and the sciences in a joyful and inspiring way. 

For more information contakt Geek Girl Meetup Coreteam:
Project manager: Hanna Metsis, twitter: @Metsis, e-post: +46 (0)707577718
Program Curator: Linda Sandberg, twitter: @copylinda, e-post: +(0) 705 73 9737
Space curator: Ebba Kierkegaard, twitter: @ebbakier, e-post:
Head of Strategic Partnerships: Heidi Harman, twitter @heidiharman, e-post:

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  • Stockholm is an un-conferance for and by women interested in web code and startups. We aim to create more female role models, create new networks and enhance active knowledge exchange. GeekGirlMeetup exists in Sweden, Denmark, Mexico, UK, Hong Kong, Berlin and Oxford.


Heidi Harman

Founder and Head of Strategic Partnerships +46 8 559 24 552

Linda Copylinda Sandberg

Program Curator GeekGirlMeetup Un-Confernace +(0) 705 73 9737

Hanna Metsis

Projektledare +46 (0)707577718

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